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Not much to say other then having a draft feature in canvas email would be great

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 @davidf2 ‌

Thanks for sharing this idea; it's moving forward for broader discussion. We've altered the title slightly to align it with Canvas functionality, as Canvas provides an internal messaging system but does not incorporate an email client.

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I agree!

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I just had a suggestion regarding the inbox on Canvas. I was wondering if you could add a feature to allow for Drafts in the inbox function, as sometimes I write a draft for an email but do not decide to send it until later. Thanks so much for your time!
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I just had a suggestion regarding the inbox on Canvas. I was wondering if you could add a feature to allow for Drafts in the inbox function, as sometimes I write a draft for an email but do not decide to send it until later. Thanks so much for your time!
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I totally agree but another option would be to have the ability to minimize the message so one could look at something else and come back to it to complete the message.  Sometimes when I'm responding to a message I can't recall everything that was is the original message to which I am responding.  But once I start the response, there is no way to view the original message..

So what I have to do now, is open Canvas again on my computer, and then open the Inbox and the original message again.  That way I can see the original message.  And when I want to complete my response message, I go back to the original Inbox screen.  That way I can go back and forth between them. 


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@JoveR , Inspector

Q:  Can I recover partially composed Canvas messages that I lost?

A:  No.


Situation:  While I was crafting a long message to my instructor, I accidentally hit the escape key. Whoosh—Just like that, the last 30 minutes of my day just vanishes.

➡➡When this happens, is my writing gone with the wind. ⬅⬅ 

➡➡Is there some kind of drafts box I don't know about?⬅⬅

This has happened to me a few times. 


@lenz , instructor

This has happened to me A L😭T!  

PROBLEM:  Partially composed CANVAS message lost because I hit escape or did something else equally ridiculous.

NEEDED:  1)  Ability to save an incomplete CANVAS message  (preferably auto-save such as just happened to this very message. - See bolded message under text entry screen in the screenshot below.)  



2)  A Drafts folder (a la Outlook) for partially complete CANVAS messages to reside until they are either finished & sent OR deleted by user. 

3)  A warning that I am leaving page and will lose my message. (See message at top of screenshot below).--------------------------------------------------------------------⬇


Thanks for considering this.  Between this issue and forgetting to manually save feedback given in SpeedGrader rubrics, I lose at least 1 hour of my life EVERY DAY.  😭😤🔪


 #Recover unfinished Canvas messages          #Drafts folder for unfinished Canvas messages  #Unfinished CANVAS messages lost

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Yes, please include auto-save in the Inbox as well as a save draft.  It is indispensable for the Rich Content Editor.  Or add the RCE to Inbox messages - but it sounds like that won't be happening soon.  Add rich-content editor to Conversations - Canvas Community ( 

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I would appreciate all messages to have a draft option feature or automatic draft-saving feature in the case of any accidental black out, random computer/laptop restart, and/or the like. By adding a draft-saving feature in general, students, professors, and tutors have the opportunity to continue to work on creating any messages at hand without risking having to re-type everything again from memory. Personally, as a tutor, I have had to re-type over 4 messages because of a random laptop restart as well as blackout. While I can avoid this by instead typing every message through Google Drive, including a draft-saving feature in Canvas Inbox helps a lot and makes the process of creating any message less frustrating. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. 

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Hi there, I would macys insite also like to have the draft option for sure as well. It helps in many mypascoconnect situations. Thank you.

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Yes, this would be a super helpful feature of Canvas! Thanks for considering!:^)

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My students and I would appreciate Canvas saving drafts of messages that have not yet been sent. This would mean that in-class writing or careful missives would not be lost because someone accidentally hit "Cancel" or closed a tab.


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This would be an amazing upgrade to the inbox system

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This would be really nice to have! 

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We want to recommend instructors to use Canvas Inbox rather than messaging via their personal email for privacy and security. However, it's an uphill battle when basic functionality isn't there like a draft email feature. Instructors don't want to lose their work and can't always finish composing an in-depth message in one sitting. 

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Please make this happen! I'm surprised the OP was 2 years ago and it's still not a thing. I'm forced to use another application to write my email drafts in a file on the cloud so I can send it while I'm at my work at 8AM so I'm not sending emails to my professor at 8PM on a Sunday. Please!!!

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