Message Students Who Feature/ Keeping Record of Those Messages


Hi, wonderful Canvas Fans & Developers!

I just ended a chat with Canvas Support. My inquiry: Can an instructor keep a record of the messages sent via the Message Students Who feature (available in the course grade book)? 

Apparently, it is not possible to keep a record of those messages.

The Canvas support agent (super nice and helpful)  suggested sending messages via the Inbox as an alternative, however, at times this may be inconvenient. I create Canvas courses for PD purposes and when the enrollment is high, it can be slightly cumbersome to look at who got which grade to send a message to a specific group of participants, via the Inbox. In the end, I must keep a record of all sent messages. 

So here I am,  asking our Canvas Developers friends to please work on improving the Message Students Who feature, to allow instructors to keep a record of messages sent using the aforementioned feature. 

Thanks a lot! 😎

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Thanks for sharing this feedback. I just tested this by using 'Message students who...' to send a message through the gradebook to six students who had not been graded on a particular assignment. After I sent the message, I found copies of the messages in the Sent folder of my inbox.

When you navigate to your Inbox and toggle to the Sent view, are you able to see the messages there?

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