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Message Students Who... for Grade Totals

Message Students Who... for Grade Totals

I'd like to be able to use the 'message students who' function in the gradebook for more than a single assignment.  It would be useful to be able to go to the column in the gradebook for an assignment group and use the 'message students who'.  Same applies for the total grade column so teachers could after the first two weeks send out a message to all students that are under performing early enough for them to change there behavior.
We have three very similar ideas, all of which are open for voting, associated with the Message Students Who... feature, and we're grouping them here to keep Canvas Studio tidy. These are the other two:
Community Participant

At various times during a course, it's useful to be able to message all students whose grades are below X, as a nudge – and it'd be rewarding to message all students above Y. Unfortunately whereas this is possible for individual assignments from the Gradebook,


it's not possible from the course grade Totals column — but it should be…

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