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Message Students from Gradebook who are complete or incomplete

Message Students from Gradebook who are complete or incomplete


Want to add to the sorting options in the "message students who..." feature in the gradebook.  Currently, you can message students that score less than or more than or haven't been graded when doing a complete or incomplete assignment.  I use the complete or incomplete assignment as evidence towards their grade but don't add points to the assignment, so score less than or more than doesn't help me.  I would like to be able to message students who scored incomplete to remind them to complete. 

Navigator II

I understand your need to message students after grading depending on the "score" of complete/incomplete.  For assignments you can assign any random point value (as low as 0.01) and check the box, "do not count this assignment towards the final grade."  This will let you message students based on the points in their complete/incomplete score, as a short-term fix.  (The same check box is not available for quizzes, though.)

For missing submissions, have you tried using the option for messaging students who have not submitted?  This should let you message students who have not yet submitted, which will cover some of the students with incompletes but not necessarily all of them.  Students who earn a grade of incomplete for turning in the wrong assignment, for example, would not be included in the message without your idea.

I would also use an option to message students who have already submitted, for example so that I could message students about when to expect a grade. 

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Thank you for your suggestions and that will work for assignments that have a point value, however, our grading system is trying to get away from using a point value for assignments as students tend to be "point collectors" rather than valuing the learning.  If you do not put a point value to a complete/incomplete assignment, there is no way to message, this is also the same for an "on paper" or "no submission" assignment.  Much of our daily practice is done on paper in classes and there is nothing for them to submit on Canvas, so the teacher collects and marks it complete or incomplete in Speedgrader with a zero point value.  I have not bee able to find a way for them to message a group of students that scored incomplete.  


I agree with the original poster...I'd like to be able to message students with an incomplete. I understand the workarounds...but this seems like something Canvas can easily fix. 


The initial post is correct!  This is absolutely a feature that needs to be added to canvas!  Elementary school teachers are using this platform now and we need to mark only complete or incomplete.  We need the ability to message students who haven't submitted without a point value. The elementary school kids get confused by adding arbitrary points to something like someone suggested.  It's hard to explain arbitrary points to someone under 11 let alone to their parents!

Please fix the flaw in this system!


I can see this suggestion began in 2019.  I know we can do a workaround but surely adding this to the area in gradebook would be an easy fix