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Message students who haven't viewed an item in a module

Message students who haven't viewed an item in a module

Hi Canvas friends, 

I love the "message students who" feature in the Gradebook. It's great. When I send out a message I usually get at least 1/3rd of my high school students to instantly get working on the goal of the message, often accompanied by "I'm so sorry Mr. Theriault" messages. I think I could get that to 50% or higher if I could leave a video or GIF message, but that's another idea for another day. 

What I want to address today is that some students never even LOOK at the module or parts of the modules and they need a nudge, a reminder message. So basically I want to be able to do this: 

Picture of the message students who haven

But I want to do it at the Module level for students who haven't even looked at the Module or haven't looked at parts of the module. I just need Canvas to record a "click" on specific item by specific user and allow me to message students by that status. 

A picture of the idea the author is writing about

If you could do that, my students would be more successful. I would be a better teacher and my smile would look like this: 

Scott Dennis and David Theriault at a Canvas Conference. They are both smiling.

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Community Team
Community Team

I see you, dtheriault   Smiley Wink :smileycool: