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Message while saving Annotations in SpeedGrader

Message while saving Annotations in SpeedGrader

It is easily possible to lose annotations when exiting SpeedGrader.  this is because sometimes it takes a while to load the annotations made into the file submitted for the assignment, but SpeedGrader does not let the user know this. 

To prevent this problem, there should be a lockout/warning message while SpeedGrader is saving the annotations.

Suggested message:

"Loading Annotations to File.  Click Here if you wish to abort the load ___ "

This would notify the user and at the same time lock-out returning to Navigation (Grades).   In case of a hang-up situation there should be an out - i.e. the ~'do you wish to abort the load' option.

J. Schaffert;   Chemistry professor,  Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA

Community Team
Community Team‌, before we move this idea forward for voting, have you asked Canvas Support to evaluate this delayed loading issue yet? I ask because it is not expected behavior for annotations to take time to display or load into the document, and I was not able to replicate it: my annotations displayed immediately, and I didn't lose any of them when I quickly navigated to the next assignment. It is possible that what you have described is a function of this current period of heavy traffic, so we will need to evaluate that.

If you have already contacted Canvas Support, please provide the case number for the interaction—and if you have not, please start by opening a case (How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?‌).


Community Member

I did report the problem: Case #05422186

that's where your support people told me my idea had merit. You may not see problems with high internet speed and low use of Canvas but these days of going virtual for almost everything can slow things down. That's why a loading message would alleviate losing annotations with a large file at internet peak times and not knowing what happened.

John Schaffert

Chemistry professor

Foothill College

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for covering all the bases,‌; we appreciate it. The idea is open for voting.

Community Member

let me know how the 'voting' goes.

(BTW, who votes?)


Community Team
Community Team, since you're now following this idea, you'll be able to track its vote count by navigating to it at any time. Anyone who has created a profile in the Canvas Community and is logged in can vote on ideas. If you'd like to learn more about the process, How does the feature idea process work in the Canvas Community?‌ provides details.

Community Member

Hi Stefanie

I tried to follow the 'how-to' links but cannot find simple answers to these simple questions:

1. How do I log on to Canvas Community? (what's the url? do I use my Foothill Canvas password?)

2. How do I vote on an idea and see the votes on my idea?

3. How do I submit a new idea?

Any hints on these would be very appreciated.



Community Member

Sorry; I couldn't get too far with those links.

the first one for login does not give the URL. The log-in box presented in that 'hot to' link does not allow input. - so I don't see how to log into the community.


Community Team
Community Team, authentication into the Canvas Community requires the user to first authenticate through their Canvas account. How do I log into the Community with my Canvas account? walks through the exact process: log into your Canvas account, then click on the Ask the Community link on the Help menu.

For future reference, the direct link to the Canvas Community is However, you will not be able to log in to that URL without first authenticating into your Canvas account—hence, the workflow described in our documentation.

Community Member


same problem!

Please see above - that's the login screen given to me by your first link (How do I log into The community with my Canvas Account). However -

The fields #1, 2 and 3 do NOT allow input. so I'm stuck - no way to log in.

the instructions do not work.

Is this a bug in Canvas that should be reported?