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in our University we are using several Microsoft Tenants for our different institutions. In order to integrate Canvas with MS Teams, it is mandatory that students and teacher are in the same tenant. As Canvas only offers the possibility to set up only one Tenant, these makes impossible to use the Teams integration. Any develeopment in roadmap for abllowing multi-tenant configuration?

One Tenant per Canvas Sub-Account would be really great?



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We have the same issue - 2 tenants - there is no movement to change at our college..

Faculty are currently using the app from the RCE - as an option of Zoom.
I am curious about the status of the existing tool for future enhancements or support moving forward- knowing the focus is on the new LTI tool.

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Multi-tenant support would be helpful for my institution as well.

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This would be incredibly helpful. We're a Microsoft campus in many ways, including using OneDrive and Teams, but we can't move forward without a multi-tenant solution.

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We need the 2 tenant option!!!

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Couldn't agree more! Many higher-education institutions run a 'multi-tenant' configuration: one for staff and faculty, and the other for students. There are many reason to continue doing so: 

Microsoft doesn't provide a lot of privacy protection for our faculty from students, and even between students. And the controls that they do are are global/tenant-wide, forcing institutions to separate their employees from their students.

Because Microsoft has been dragging their feet for years in enabling admins to enforce more granular security/privacy controls within a tenant, it would be AMAZING to see Canvas step up and fill those gaps that prevent us from leveraging Teams as our core classroom meeting/correspondence software. 


Please help Canvas!!

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I would really like this feature too!

Any idea on an implementation date?



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Those of you with a 'multi-tenant' configuration.  What are you doing to MFA Canvas?  I know of the Google authenticator option, but I do not want to add another authenticator app.  Are you using DUO or something else?  

If possible, I want to make use of the Azure authenticator, but with our 'multi-tenant' environment, that doesn't seem to be possible.

Thank you for any feedback! 

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Agreed. We are in a system that shares a single Canvas instance. On top of each of our colleges having its own sub-account, we have two tenants for Microsoft per college: one for instructors/employees and one for students. We really need multi-tenant support. I have a feeling Instructure will punt to Microsoft...and Microsoft will punt to Instructure...and we will be in this cycle without resolution.


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