Middle School World Language Classes


My daughter took an online Spanish class when she was in high school.  When she had to write any part of an assignment or quiz, she had the ability to choose the appropriate Spanish punctuation.  

It would make my life and the lives of my students soooooooooooo much easier if in the Rich Content feature you would include punctuation for different languages giving the teacher the ability to set the language.

I have researched how to use this feature and have found answers, but when I look in Canvas there is absolutely nothing there for me to be able to use this feature.  Please include this with the middle school Canvas.



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Community Team
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Hi @RondiMcGill -

There is currently an idea open that sounds like it would meet your needs: Special language character panel/chart integration for Rich Content Editor 

I wonder if your daughter had a setting on her device that allowed her to access additional keyboards. For example, if your students use iPads, there are ways to access additional keyboards for typing in a variety of languages. 

I look forward to collaborating!

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Archived