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Migrate Question Banks to Item banks Automatically

Migrate Question Banks to Item banks Automatically


I would like to see the ability to migrate question banks (Quizzes) to item banks (Quizzes.Next) automatically when a quiz is migrated from Quizzes to Quizzes.Next.  

Community Member

Oh please, oh please create a way to turn Classic Quiz questions into New Quiz questions. I am dying to use the new features, but I will NEVER use them if I have to re-create all of my quiz questions. I simply don't have time. Thank you.

Community Participant

New quizzes do not allow migration of question banks from old quizzes.  Please allow this as creating question banks from scratch is tedious and time-consuming.

Community Member

This is needed because the workaround process of making quizzes with the banks and then exporting and importing them into the item banks is time-consuming. Also, some instructors may not realize it is necessary before old quizzes go away.

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Community Member

Absolutely--this is a must! 

Community Participant

Is there a migration tool now, 4/20/2021?

Community Member

The fact that the classic "question bank" and new "item bank" are found in different locations and you can't just move questions is incredibly frustrating!  

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I avoided using New Quizzes for my math classes for many reasons.  Now it looks like we are going to be forced into using new Quizzes AND have to do all the heavy lifting to get our question banks moved over.  It is going to take hours and hours of work!  Please fix this!!  There are still many features in Classic Quizzes that are not available in the new format, and this is supposed to be an upgrade??!!??

Community Member

As I am working with our faculty in reviewing the move to the New Quiz tool the lack of a migration tool for existing "Question Banks" to "Item Banks" is major road block.  Many of our faculty have spent semesters building these resources only to find no easy way to migrate.  Please work on a migration option!

Community Member

I am also struggling with how to explain this as a "value add" to faculty who have just spent all their time working through COVID. So yeah all that hard work.... looks like you have to redo it ----this will not go over well!

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