Migrate Question Banks to Item banks Automatically


I would like to see the ability to migrate question banks (Quizzes) to item banks (Quizzes.Next) automatically when a quiz is migrated from Quizzes to Quizzes.Next.  

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This is going to be a big issue for us in trying to eventually move faculty over to Quizzes.Next. There must be a way to migrate cleanly between the quiz platforms!

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I'm relatively new to Canvas.  You are probably well aware of what is happening in quizzes.next, but as I start to dig into quizzes.next, there are a number of issues that will be a big change from how I have used question banks in the past (on other LMS systems).  Top among them: item banks are tied to instructors not to courses (https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/14541-allow-item-banks-to-be-tied-to-a-course-rather-than-an-i...‌ and https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/12034-allow-admins-to-grant-multiple-users-permissions-for-ite...‌), item banks do not allow you to select a subset of questions to be included in a "random set" (https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/14539-selecting-a-subset-of-questions-for-a-random-set-from-an...‌ and https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/14302-quizzesnext-selecting-question-types-from-item-banks?sr=...), and do not allow subfolders (https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/5800-quizzesnext-subfolders-for-item-banks).  Not transferring question banks will make the transition hard, but so will not having some of these other functionalities that many of us are used to (both in Canvas and in other LMSs).  Hopefully you and your faculty are keeping track of these issues and supporting the ones you will use.


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At Colorado State University, our instructors have thousands and thousands of questions in our Classic question banks – they are mission critical to our Canvas quizzes. A migration tool to move them to QuizzesNext Item Banks is necessary before CSU could transition.

Melody Brake

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This is a no-brainer. This feature should have been baked into Quizzes.Next from day 1. For any course that has a large number of large question banks, the present process to convert them to item banks in Q.N is just too time consuming. 

Guy Wilson

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This is still just one of the biggest hurdles before we can migrate to Quizzes.Next.

Our faculty do not want to have to re-enter, type, get their TA, etc to recreate their question banks. If the banks are not ported over to the new Tool automatically most of our Teachers don't want to even discuss using it.

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Ditto.   At Indiana University, over 8000 quizzes each term make use of question banks, and they link to over 30,000 banks.  We absolutely need a migration tool to move them to Quizzes.Next

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At University of Canberra we strongly support the need for an automated way to move quizzes and quiz banks into Quizzes Next. This is critical functionality. 

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This is the only thing keeping me from shifting all my quizzes into Quizzes.Next. I have far too many quizzes and question banks to enter them by hand.

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Also, make the question bank course based instead of user based.  Faculty will have hard time to locate the QBs, instructional designers will be drowned by the amount of QB they are facing. 

By the way, even QBs are created in the New Quiz format,  they are not transferrable. 

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It would be fantastic if there was a stand alone page of Quiz Banks that we could easily edit and integrate into new courses. Currently, if I wish to edit a quiz bank, I need to back track and try to find in which course I first created the quiz bank. My mind does have that capability. Smiley Happy Thank you. :smileyplus:

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I can't believe this feature wasn't implemented right from the start. Having to create a new (classic) quiz with the questions you want to move to Quizzes.Next is just too tedious a task. And to make things even worse, if you have audio files added to your questions, these will be lost when you import the QTI file into the Quizzes.Next item bank. I read that the new quiz tool would replace the old one at some point during 2020, so I figured since we have so many quizzes in our courses, I might as well start migrating right away. Boy, was that a mistake. I'm sure New Quizzes will be a great tool at some point, but as it stands now, it lacks some of the most basic functions that should have been included from the start. It seems to me the New Quizzes tool was released far too quickly. I would rather wait a few months longer and have a tool that works the way it should than having a half-finished tool that causes me hours and hours of extra work.

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Absolutely.  I have over 150 courses to migrate.  I built all the quizzes using test banks because that allowed randomization.  Now to migrate I have to move all the test banks to a quiz in Old Quizzes, then export it.  Then you have to import the bank into New Quizzes.  New Quizzes allows randomization but say you have a test bank of 200 questions where you pick 100 for the test.  Now you have to go into the Quiz and move every single question back into the Test Bank but clicking on the pencil and then going to move bank IN EVERY question.  This is just not feasible.

Great suggestion.  They need to  make it compatible with Respondus too--because you have to go through the same process (import into Old Quizzes then move to new) with any word docs as well.

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They need to link test banks to courses instead of users as well.  If you create online master courses (as  many schools do) you can no longer use testbanks.  If you do you have to share the testbank with the faculty member teaching it each time and then they have to go in and finish creating the quizzes---this is not the purpose of a master online course

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 @chalupa ‌, I absolutely agree that these need to be linked to courses instead of users as well.  If you haven't already found it, please see the https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/14541-new-quizzes-allow-item-banks-to-be-tied-to-a-course-rath...‌ and up vote it!  

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This is a MUST! Question banks MUST be able to be migrated AS A WHOLE with a few clicks. Two major issues (aside from the various smaller features New Quizzes is lacking) is the lask of migrating Question Banks to Item Banks and also not being able to house Item Banks in courses. Canvas, this has to be addressed now.

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A must have to move..  I spent way too much time for my one course over the summer.  Faculty will revolt! 

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Please add this feature ASAP. This is a major hurdle to moving teachers to New Quizzes. Especially if they have to import quizzes from ExamView. The process to get ExamView Quizzes into banks is so cumbersome without the ability to migrate a quiz bank.

  1. Export from ExamView as blackboard file
  2. Import into Canvas course as a blackboard file. (You can put it in an old bank here but that doesn't help anything)
  3. Export that quiz as a zip file.
  4. Open a New Quiz.
  5. Open the Banks and create a new bank
  6. Import the zip file from the Canvas export.
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We just got Canvas this year with bupkis for training. I thought I was being thick-headed. 


Now I see this quiz bank incompatibility is an issue that has existed for over a YEAR?? 


The banks for both Classic and New Quizzes should be interchangeable or linked. Make this happen. Please and Thank you. 

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If you cannot migrate the whole question banks, you should at least be able to bank all the quiz questions at once (mark all - bank marked items), and not open each question, bank, select, done... there are about 5 clicks per question I need to do now.

Should I submit this as a new idea?

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I just started using Canvas, but as the district leader, creating a bank of questions for new teachers; I find it odd that questions I make in assignments cannot be banked with questions made in quizzes, or moved between the two.

I see that a lot of this post is regarding moving from traditional to new quiz types.