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Misleading orange dot in Speedgrader

Misleading orange dot in Speedgrader


Problem: Orange dot remains in Speedgrader even when student has not submitted an assignment.

Situation: In Gradebook view I accidentally entered a grade for the wrong student. When I realized this I deleted the grade. All then looks fine in Gradebook view. But when I go to Speedgrader, this student has an orange dot, indicating submission waiting to be graded. However there is "no submission" from that student. 

That orange dot should disappear if there was no submission made and no grade entered (or entered grade is later deleted)

Submission does not need to necessarily be made in order for a grade to be entered. That is fine. But if such a grade is then removed, Everything should go back to how it was prior to manually entering the grade. However Canvas continues to recognize that there should be a grade entered for that student after that point. That is not how it should work!

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We also have teachers who have this issue.  Is there a solution yet?

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I, too, have noticed the orange dot where there is no file upload submission.  Most recently, for a major research essay assignment.  Is it possible that the student "uploads" nothing -- therefore triggering a "submission" -- just to make it seem as though there is a submission, then whenever the teacher gets to that student in Speed Grader and makes the discovery the student can play dumb and has "bought" more time?  This is forcing me to click quickly through dozens of assignments just to ensure that an upload is really there, which is not a time saver.

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I agree with the comments above. What is also confusing is that when the student goes to the assignment is has the status "Submitted" and when the wrongly entered grade is removed the status still remains "Submitted" in the assigment view for the student.

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As a course administrator with around 100 students/class it is very timeconsuming to see an orange dot on an assignment, but when you go to Speedgrader to check it out, there is no submission. My students have this assignment in different timeblocks, so 1/3 do the assigment week 2-6, the next 1/3 week 7-11 och the last 1/3 in week 12-16. It takes a lot of my time trying to go thru every submission trying to find the ones that actually has done a submission. 

Another aspect of this is the teachers, and all the time I spend trying to explain to them about this glitch. Their response is, why don´t you just fix it? If there is no submission, the system shouldn´t say there is, right? I agree with them, but it´s not mine to fix. So I ask of you to please try to fix this glitch as soon as possible.

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