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In the "Tools" section, as we are able to easily view and access our grades for all of our classes, we should be able to easily view and access all of our assignments dubbed "missing" by Canvas or our assignments with 0's. As a student who has to go back and check my grades over and over again for zeroes, this feature would make it much easier to spot and submit my missing assignments. It would help a lot!

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Instructure Alumni
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Thanks for sharing this feedback. Canvas does not have a built-in feature called "Tools." I took a quick look at the global navigation for the Jenks Public Schools system and saw that the district has renamed the standard Help menu at the bottom left to "Tools." Local Canvas admins for the district maintain the links and resources that display on that menu. If there is something you'd like added, please reach out to the local admin with your request.

In the meantime, the Dashboard has a place where students can view all of their grades for all of their courses without navigating separately to each course. Please refer to the Open Grades section of How do I view grades in the Dashboard as a student?