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Update gradebook with more features!

Add a "Missing work count" of total number of assignments that are not submitted/marked as missing - add that count to both the student and instructor view.

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Thanks for sharing this idea, @JessicaP16 . As it moves forward for broader discussion, please note that this information is available to instructors in New Analytics:  How do I view analytics for an individual student ...    Also, students can view their Grades tab to view *MISSING* indicators on their graded activities, giving them an at-a-glance snapshot of what they still need to complete.

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Currently, if a student has missing assignments, parents can opt into receiving notifications on the app but if they are looking on the web version, they have to dig into each course to view see if the student has missing assignments.

When students and parents click on "View Grades" we would like a red circle with a number next to the grade that indicates how many missing assignments that student has in that class.

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@Stef_retired The information is available if you dig but as a student, teacher, or parent I should see missing assignments at a glance, I shouldn't have to dig.  Students who have missing assignments have those for a reason - they forgot about something, they were absent and didn't know something was due, or they habitually don't turn in their work.  In all 3 cases, most students won't think to check.  

Also, if I'm a person who supports student learning (like an advisory teacher) I should be able to grades for all classes at a glance as well as missing assignments.  If I dig into each student's class for missing assignments, it would probably take an hour or so to complete.

Same with parents - if a student has a good enough grade, most parents would not dig into the class to see if anything is also missing - they would have to do this for every class and for every child. 

This just seems very inefficient.  There should be more information on the "View Grades" page.

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