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Hello, Canvas Feature Genies! I'm a junior high art teacher. I'd like you to grant me some wishes for the mobile app. 😉

1) the ability to rotate a student’s submission the way you can on the website

2) the ability to change a student’s grade status—it seems this feature was added but not the way I use it most, which is to remove Canvas’s automatic late point deductions for a student who, for example, has an accommodation for extra time. I can do it on the website, but it’s not an option in the app. 

3) the ability to grade sync after grading a batch of assignments--it's listed, but does not currently work; I get an error message

4) auto-translate to common languages for basic text in an assignment so that EB students can verify what they have read in English

5) a setting for late point deductions that do not include weekend days


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Thanks for sharing all these ideas about improving the Canvas Mobile App, @JODIELYDEN ! However, we won't be able to move this forward for further conversation as it contains multiple requests, some of which are already the topic of conversation elsewhere in this forum.

Please read through How do I create a new idea conversation in the Canvas Community? for guidance on writing singularly focused idea prompts and then search for existing ideas to support before creating new ones.

Thanks again!