Mobile Offline Grading in Speedgrader

I would like to be able to grade submissions while not on wifi (on iPad) and then have it sync back up when I get to a wifi connection.
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Hi Scott,

I do know that the download assignments option is available, but that doesn't change the fact that using some sort of other annotation software (which I have) and then re-uploading such a feature isn't available in speedgrader. The fact is that I'm trying to use one native solution to have my students see and engage with their comments directly in the system. I've discovered that when I download files, annotate, and then upload, the students have a hard time trying to find their feedback and many of them just don't review it (I even had one time where whatever annotation system I was using didn't allow the annotations to show on any other system). Also, when I've done that, I can't use the rubric that I've designed in Canvas for grading. The work-around that you've described isn't ideal, in my experience. 

Therefore, I really do believe that a better solution would be to allow offline grading in the speedgrader app. I even seem to remember that this was a feature request that was in development (perhaps I'm wrong). However, I know that this has been a point of conversation for at least a few years now (perhaps even going on 5).


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Does this work in the sense that you would download into a Speedgrader app, and be able to annotate in Speedgrader, fill out a rubric, and apply a grade and then sync it once you are back online? If not, then this is not what we need. Using third party apps (like word etc.) would mean that if I need to mark offline, then I'm not consistent with other graders/markers. It also creates more work for me. 

Given this is available with Turnitin, I'm surprised Canvas is not paying more attention to this. 

I am about to go o/s, and I currently work for two institutions. With one, my life is made easier as they use Turnitin. With the other, I have to wait until I have an internet connection, as Canvas is behind the industry standard in this regard. 

This needs to be updated ASAP. 

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Yes, please make offline grading available!  I like grading in Speedgrader better than in the app, but I cannot grade on Canvas without having web access.  Please fix this!

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I can see why using speedgrader through a browser is difficult to do in offline mode.  It’s shocking, though, that it should be so difficult to buffer the feedback and grading in the teacher app, though, and sync it once back online. Is the teacher app nothing but another browser?

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This would be an incredibly helpful feature for many of us who travel frequently without wifi connection.

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This is an important feature. Apparently it has been talked about for almost 5 years. Why is it not implemented?

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Yes! This is a long thread and a real need. I want this feature too! Please make it possible to use speedgrader offline: I need the rubric and want to make comments on students' PDF from my ipad. This is why I got an ipad. How can we convince you to prioritize this? What are the next best escalation steps? 

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Would really appreciate offline grading!

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It has been 6 years and still, there is no update! This is a shame. 

At the end of the semester, I am taking a long flight for the holiday. I cold get the grading done on my vacation and enjoy my time over there. But, now I need to finish this up! 

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I would like to be able to grade offline with the grading rubric; for instance, while on a bus.  I have tried grading online, using my phone as a hotspot, but the internet was too intermittent.

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it would be useful for faculty to have the option for grading offline using SpeedGrader in the iOS Canvas Teacher app. For times when the faculty are not connected to the network (on a flight, on a filed trip etc) being able to download all of the submitted assignments from within the iOS Canvas Teacher app would be great, They could then add comments etc to the assignments which would sync back up when they are once again online.