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Module/Assignment Publish Icon Improvements

Module/Assignment Publish Icon Improvements

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Often times I find myself tinkering with offline modules. Making assignments, tweaking lessons, you name it. After editing an assignment I often click “save and publish” and get the green check mark on the side in my Module tab. However, sometimes I forget to publish the module because I see that green check, and automatically assume it is posted. My suggestion is to change the color of the publish check to yellow when the assignment is published, but the module isn’t. This will save the hassle of working on a module, saving and publishing the assignments, and forgetting to publish the module because you see green checks by the assignments and assume students can see them. 

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. 

Community Team
Community Team
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@KyleCasanover That was a great Ted Talk: short, and right to the point. 🙂 As your idea moves forward for additional discussion, you might be interested in adding your thoughts to a related idea about unpublished modules and the unpublished content within:  Published/Not Published Indicator Icon

Community Champion

@KyleCasanover and @Stefanie, we have found that if an assignment is not in a module but it's published, even if Assignment and Quizzes are hidden on the course nav menu, students can still access it through the to-do list and calendar. If yellow means not available in a module, perhaps it could also show in Assignments so that instructors would know green meant it was available to students.  This would solve two problems.  Green means published and available, yellow means published and not available.

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