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Module Requirements a checkbox rather than a Dropdown

Module Requirements a checkbox rather than a Dropdown


When creating modules for a K-5 environment or even a UDL design of a module it is best practice for a designer to chunk the data into small amounts of data on each "page" of the module.  Also, a UDL design would be to allow students to visually see what items they have completed and which items they still need to complete so the requirement feature in Canvas is AMAZING! However, having to use a drop-down each time we want to add a page to the requirement is very tedious work.  I suggest that this feature becomes a checkbox where you would see all the items in the module at one time and then the designer could put a check next to the pages they want as a requirement.

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I've often been frustrated by having to make sure that I have all of the items in the module selected and think that it would be nice to have a checklist so I could see which ones where used.

I am having trouble conceiving how this would keep a simple interface if the requirement was a checkbox rather than a drop down.  The actual requirement varies based on the assignment, so just checking a box isn't sufficient.

Do you have a separate section that allows you to say which items you want and then those appear in another section where you specify what the requirement is? That seems like it would take up a lot of space if you have lots of modules.

Are you envisioning a bulk edit table where you can select multiple assignments and then "apply" the requirement to all of them?

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Yes!  I envisioned a bulk table with the checkbox next to each assignment, page, and quiz and then next to each of these a drop-down as what they are required to do (submit, view, and mark done....etc...)

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Here's what I envision as another option for setting up module requirements. How about offering an option to add all Module items to the requirements list with one click, then after all are added, it would not be completed until each item was given a completion criterion (e.g. view, submit, contribute, etc.). In other words, the screen would stay open for the designer/instructor to select the appropriate criterion for each item. This would definitely speed up the process for those of us who like to have the Modules serve as way to let students know what has been completed and still needs to be completed. This is a super useful feature of Modules from the student perspective.