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Module to disappear upon meeting requirements

Module to disappear upon meeting requirements

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It's possible to make a module appear for students after they meet requirements (e.g. submit an assignment in a different module). This suggestion is to also allow modules to be hidden after requirements are met.

It's not intended as a perfect trick to hide content because if it's been available once, then we can assume it's been downloaded and saved elsewhere. However, this would allow for some potential gamification and navigation through a course. It could also allow students to make an active choice in their learning which releases new content and hides (now) unneeded options from the previous choice.

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Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open for Conversation

@travis_cox Thanks for sharing this idea! As it moves forward for further discussion, you might be interested in supporting a related idea,  Modules need a "Lock After" Feature ,  which approaches this from the standpoint of a date-controlled 'lock after' setting.

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