[Modules] LTI Items in Modules -- Next and Previous Buttons Aren't Visible


When you add a native-Canvas item to a Module, the Next and Previous buttons show up at the bottom of the native content. If you add a Page with just a single sentence on it, the Next and Previous button are clearly visible just below. Not so with LTI "items."

I understand that there must be set height for LTI content, but that height should allow for the Next and Previous buttons to be visible by default in Modules.

Currently (May 2022), regardless of how big or small my browser window is, the Next and Previous buttons will absolutely stay hidden unless it dawns on the learner to scroll... and in cases where the LTI-page content clearly ends, followed by lots of white space, why would I think to scroll?!

It's a *new* problem for us because Classic Quizzes are native and New Quizzes are not. Something appears broken and even if you train students to scroll, it feels like death by 10,000 workarounds. Every student needs to do this scrolling every time they encounter an LTI module item? Or maybe Canvas UX folks can figure out a way to be sure the bottom of the Module page shows up by default.

Main UX pain points when modules include,

  • New Quizzes
  • Assignments where the type is External Link or Tool


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Community Team
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I agree - the frame height can be problematic for LTI tools in Modules and Assignments.

I was having issues adding Kaltura video quizzes to assignments.  The iframe that was created for an embedded quiz was so small, it created a double scrollbar and you couldn't see the entire video at once unless you opened it in full screen mode (even though there was a huge amount of white space on the page to the right of and below the embedded video).  Fortunately, I was able to work around it by specifying a non-standard height for the video embed player, but that won't be the case for some LTI tools.

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