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[Modules] Use 'remove' (not 'delete') in confirmation message after removing an item

[Modules] Use 'remove' (not 'delete') in confirmation message after removing an item

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Problem statement:

In Canvas, 'delete' and 'remove' mean different things. Deleting means the content no longer appears anywhere in the course (but can be recovered if you know how or contact support). 'Remove' means taking an item out of a module, but not actually deleting it from the course. The exception being things like headers and links in modules, which don't exist anywhere else. The steps to remove an item from a module are: 1. Go to the menu for the item and click "REMOVE" 2. See a popup with the message: "Are you sure you want to REMOVE this item from the module?" and click "OK" 3. See a confirmation message saying: "Module item ... was successfully DELETED" Clearly, the confirmation message doesn't fit with rest of the workflow. With the exception of headers and links, the content wasn't deleted, it was removed, so saying it was deleted causes confusion and panic ("Oh no, I've deleted something by mistake") As is often the case, I think this is a bug, but Canvas support seem to think that it needs an idea to get it fixed.

Proposed solution:

Change the word 'deleted' to 'removed' in the confirmation message you see when you have removed something from a module (but not deleted it from the course). If you want to be really clever about it, you would use 'remove' throughout the UI for content items (pages, files, assignments, etc) that still exist in the course after they have been removed, and 'delete' throughout for content items (headers, links, etc) that are completely deleted from the course by the same process because they only exist in the context of the module.

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Thank you, @jon_mason for documenting the issue and presenting a solution.