Modules within Modules

As we move toward Personalized Learning we are beginning to feel boxed in by the linear design of Course Modules.  Many teachers would like the Course Modules to look more like the Course listing in the new UI (Tiles rather than lists) AND have the functionality to have Modules within Modules.  This would allow for MANY more options for student Voice, Choice and Pacing options!
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I can't believe in the 3.5 years since this suggestion was posted it hasn't been demanded by more users or voted up by more teachers!!!  

I understand the issues listed above with an unlimited number of sub-module layers but being able to have at least 1 sub level would be so much easier than having to create/navigate additional pages. 

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This is very useful in maximizing personalized learning design. UP!

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Modules within modules would be very beneficial for our faculty and students. It would give us the ability to break courses down into "Test Blocks" with sessions as sub folders and minimize the scrolling when there are 180 sessions per semester for certain courses. If we tried to break them down into test blocks now every time we added assignments we would have to drag it up through 135 headings to get it where it needed to be. (Approximately 45 sessions per test block with 3 headings under each session)

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I would love to organise modules with tiles!

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Organizing some courses through nested modules may result in missing content.  I can easily see how this would be the case with the work-arounds used by some that post links to pages within other pages.  That kind of nesting makes it harder to find content because everything is not directly linked to the modules page.  If the same was done through nested modules, searching through those modules would simply mean expanding them all on one page (instead of individually opening pages of links to other pages one at a time.)  An "expand all" button would solve the potential lost content problem that makes you reject nesting, because using this nesting would require linking all content to the modules page.  For other courses nested modules would make the currently relevant content easier to find.  Take my courses for example. 


I have three "units" that each end in an exam covering only content from that unit.  Within each unit there are for content modules that open sequentially on schedule as the assignments in the previous module lock.  For availability reasons, each module has to be divided into a part 1 and part 2, even though the topics covered are the same. With the current design that is 24 content modules, plus a 3 unit objective modules, and 3 exam modules, and 1 start here module, and 1 semester wrap-up module. 


Even collapsed, 32 modules takes a lot of scrolling, and there is a noticeable delay as canvas resets the page to confirm which modules are collapsed.  If you start scrolling during that delay, you are sometimes then snapped backwards past the point you scrolled to.  Meanwhile, there is no need to access anything from units 1 and 2 during unit 3, because my exams are not comprehensive. 


It would be much better to be able to finish the unit 1 exam and collapse the entire unit into a single bar, so that we can all focus on unit 2.  Doing so would not risk losing anything.  It would also be better for students if parts 1 and 2 of each module could be displayed as one module (since the topic is the same), even though each part must separately be completed in order and access to part 2 does not depend on completing part 1.

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From someone who was forced to move from Moodle (with its extreme flexibility and robust ability to make conditions on the individual item level, branched lessons (via the lesson module), etc...) Canvas is incredibly restrictive.  Having the ability to nest a module for an individual lesson within a broader module for a week/unit would not only allow teachers to become more creative with the way content is available to students, but it would create a more organized experience for students.  For those that want to tout Mastery Paths as a solution, it really isn't.  Those, too, are restrictive and can't be utilized for all situations.  A module in module ability will be able to allow teachers to then use the requirements/prerequisite functions of a module to better guide students through the experience, while being able to control mastery in a more flexible format.

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I was just trying to do this today and through a google search discovered it isn't possible.  But, the search led me here so I could add my comment. Please add this feature!

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I would like to see this feature added. It would work great for accelerated semesters - where you must cover more than just one chapter in a single week. I envision labeling the "Module Name" as the semester WEEK (weeks 1 - 6), and then nesting multiple 'Modules' within each week (2-3 modules per week).

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Yes... I'm relatively new to canvas, and this was the first thing I found frustrating.  I teach a CTE class where I have the same students for 3 hours every day... and I do not teach linearly, and my "Modules" are really "Units",and I want to have a hierarchy of modules... please add this ability. 

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This idea has been around for a very long time with much support and comment. I wonder why it isn't being acted on?

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I would love this! It would help so much with module organization.

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I also want to be able to use these kinds of hierarchical structures in my modules, and have the ability for them to collapse and expand like the modules do. Is there a place to vote on this idea?

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I would like to see this feature added also..

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Any movement on this feature?  My students are getting overwhelmed with scrolls...and I am quickly reaching my limit with using text header lines.....



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I'm so sad that this was suggested 4 years ago and there is still no option for sub modules. As an elementary school teacher, I am now loading all of my content to canvas and to keep our things straight we have made a module for each day and each subject. I know that the header option is available for organizing, but it isn't user friendly for young students because they can continue clicking through to the next page's content when they may need to stop for the day. We NEED some type of new organizational tool like SUB MODULES to organize the crazy amount of content we are creating. As we go on, even if we are back in school, we will still be adding content because we will still have kids working asynchronously at home. 

For elementary teachers making multiple subjects each day, we need some help!

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first of all i just wan to thanks for your context,and other thing is canva a website is best for bigness as stater.

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Some of my high school courses have large units that encompass many lessons. I would love to be able to group modules (what I'm using for my lessons) into units. Basically, I'd love to see one extra layer of hierarchy available. In addition, if there was a way to color-code different units/modules, that would be awesome.

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REALLY wish this feature had been developed--it would make my modules so much easier to navigate for students! (And instructors!)

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I support the request for modules within modules (or submodules).

I think this would add to a great tool, but still keep it fairly simple to understand for students and to manage for teachers.