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Monitor student grades in all courses

Monitor student grades in all courses


Our teachers and student support managers, who keep track of a student's progress across all courses, have an overwhelming need to view all students grades even though they are not one of their teachers. We would love a summary view of student's grades just like students and parents can see when they click on Grades from the Global Navigation. Currently, our staff have to go to each course to see a student's grade in that course, which is far from efficient. We would like for staff to simply be able to click on the student's name and see their progress in all courses they are enrolled in.

I am aware that Dropout Detective provides this functionality, but we do not need the extra features it provides.

Note: This was previously requested in the old community.


Matthew -- I can't speak for Instructure's development roadmap.  But if you review the Instructure Partner Portal, you'll see that there are over 100 of us that provide complementary functionality.  No software can do everything, but Canvas has been open enough to allow niche players like AspirEDU to address the needs of some schools.

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I understand where you're coming from. Personally, we don't need all the

bells and whistles of DD, so I'm perfectly happy making some custom .HTM

files for our teachers, admin and counselors at the start of every year --

and spending the grand or more that DD would cost us on other things Smiley Happy

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Best thing you can do, Martha, is get savy on making custom .HTM files for

your staff members, that they can use to quickly 'jump' in and see the

'View Grades' view of any student. It only takes me about 30 minutes total

for all the staff at our school of roughly 500 kids... I'm not claiming I

invented this idea -- as I first found a version of it somewhere else on

Instructure's support / community forums -- but here's my process:

First step is to log in as a Canvas admin, go to 'Permissions --> 'Account

Roles,' and add a new role (I call ours 'GradesChecker') that has the

ability to 'View All Grades.'

Next, go to 'Settings' --> 'Admins' and give the 'GradesChecker' (or

whatever you called it) account role to all staff that you want to allow to

check student grades.

Third step is, go to 'Settings' --> 'Reports' --> 'Provisioning' and export

a Users CSV file. Import that file into a spreadsheet editor (Google Sheets

does just fine), and then sort the data to delete all teacher accounts. You

should also delete columns that aren't useful... basically, all but two

(I'll past an example with made up names):

Canvas ID Student Name

1159 Belvedere, Diego

645 Carhart, Holden

889 Figuerroa, Gus

1026 Michaels, Rami

180 Stanley, William

Fourth step will be to add a third column, that will generate a weblink

that goes straight to each kid's grades... here's what the code would be

for the first kid on line 2, if you're using Google Sheets:

="[" & B2 & " | &CHAR(34)&]

Use the black square that appears on the bottom right of the cell to extend

the code downward to cover all rows...

Fifth step is to share the spreadsheet with your staff with viewing

privileges, asking them to first make their own copy of it, then delete any

rows (users) that they don't want to have to scroll through. Have them

copy-paste JUST THE CONTENTS OF THE THIRD COLUMN, when they're done paring

it down to the kids they're interested in, in an email to you

Second-to-last step is to use a text editor (such as Notepad in Windows) to

first paste the text from the column they emailed you, and then to save the

file as Type = 'All files', adding the staff member's name as the file name

and the ending of .HTM (this will allow a web browser to default to reading

the file). Example: JaneBecker.HTM

Last step is to reply to the email request with an attachment of the custom

.HTM file you made for them. Now, they have a document that they can use to

quick check their select list of students' grades!

This is how we use the in-built features that Canvas has, and other free

tools already out there, to save money. Again, I'm sure DropoutDetective is

a fantastic tool when more analytics are required... but if you just want

to enable certain staff to more easily check in on the academics of kids

not necessarily in any of the sections that they teach, this does the trick!

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This is great stuff!  Will following the steps you listed, allow the 'grade viewer' the ability to click on the course/grade and dig deeper on the grades?   e.g., to see individual assignment grades for each course?

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Shandy -- how's the progress going? We figured out how to have our 'grade viewers' access the student grades, but they are not able to click on the link to view the assignment grades.

-Nancy Reynolds

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I believe one step I may have left out was, that you have to create a new

role inside the many various permissions that different types of users can

have, that allows for viewing of a gradebook, or something like that...

Basically, I add all of our teachers to that special role (I think I named

mine 'GradesChecker') and then they are all definitely able to click in and

even go as far as looking at individual assignment details.

Of course, I believe there's a bit of an unintuitive way that you have to

go and get at instructions and other descriptions of an assignment, I don't

think it's as simple as clicking on the assignment for the student, but

that's just how canvas has their pages mapped... Something where you have

to look at the directory tree that canvas lists, and click back one step,

or something like that. Sorry but I'm not in front of my computer to be

more precise!


Hello. We are a K12 district.  We are now starting our third year using Canvas.  With each year, we learn more and use more features of Canvas.  We have created custom Admin Roles so Principals, Assistant Principals, Directors of Counseling, and Counselors can have access to all courses and students in their sub-account.  And while they can pop in to see any course and how a student is doing in that course, what they really need is an easy way to see how well a student is doing across all courses.

We've given them this role in Canvas, but currently it's not giving them information they really need.

Let's revive this Idea!

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This would be extremely helpful not only for Admins, but also for teachers that need to access certain groups.


We have a solution called Dropout Detective (which can also be branded as “Grade Guardian”) that is used by over 200 Canvas schools and does exactly what you ask:


  • Retrieve data from Canvas every night and risk-rate students by looking at performance across all courses.
  • Give Principals, Assistant Principals, Directors of Counseling and Counselors to view personalized lists of students.  We can automatically filter by sub-account AND we give you the ability to create personalized dashboards of just the students assigned to me.  (e.g. Sports coaches could have a dashboard of just their players.

Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to learn more.  Also  @heather_hurley ‌


Thanks Chris.   Yes, I've seen the product being pitched on this idea (and "Grade Guardian" is more positive than "Dropout Detective").      When I add, vote on, or comment on an Idea on Canvas, I'm asking for Canvas to develop the solution.   There are SOOOO many wonderful products that partner with Canvas, and we simply cannot subscribe to all of them.      The DATA is already in Canvas, and the people have the Roles needed -- we are asking Canvas to improve the product and make it easier for its customers to access and use the information that's already in the system.  

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We have a workaround to allow our advisors and counselors access to view all the student's grades. We cloned the admin role and eliminated most of the rights, except those to view grades and content and assigned this new 'advisor' role to the advisors and counselors.   Then we have them the link below and a list of the student canvas ids.   To view the student's grades, they simply replace the xxx with the canvas id of the student whose grades they want to review. 

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We use Dropout Detective, because it's easy to which students need

attention, however, once we've identified a student who needs closer

monitor we use Nancy's workaround because we find it easy to drill in on a

student's grades in real-time. The only difference is I use an excel

formula to build an HTML page with links to all student Canvas pages. The

text has been blurred to protect privacy.

On Wed, Sep 25, 2019 at 3:43 PM <>

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This feature NEEDS to be enabled for K-12 institutions to be able to function properly within Canvas.  Unfortunately, the pricetag on Dropout Detective is just too high.  That is an unreasonable ask, especially since as  @Hildi_Pardo  stated, Canvas has all the information we need.  It just needs to be packaged so our teachers, counselors, admin, and coaches can easily access it.


I don't generally like to comment on comments but I do like to respond when someone says our price is "too high."  That is a school-by-school decision and over 200 Canvas schools have opted to work with us.  Dropout Detective does a lot more than just provide a screen listing all of a student's classes & grades:

  • It automatically identifies at-risk or struggling students;
  • It gives schools the ability to build personalized dashboards of just the students assigned to me (great for guidance counselors, sports coaches, etc.)
  • It offers a Notes area where various school personnel can enter notes about a student and collaborate on support
  • It allows school personnel to place a student on "alert" which kicks off automated email workflow to the student's support team

Some schools will value these capabilities, some will not.  Thanks for allowing me to clarify.

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I think the common complaint really has to do with your statement "Dropout Detective does a lot more than just provide a screen listing all of a student's classes & grades." My school uses Dropout Detective and is very happy with it. I would assume that there is quite a bit of work involved in its development and the cost is justified. However, I think some people are happy to just have "a screen listing all of a student's classes & grades." It also seems that Canvas could easily add this basic functionality. And while I like Dropout Detective and my school would almost definitely continue to use it, since we are already able to generate a screen listing all of a student's classes & grades via HTML file, I do believe the lack of this functionality via web interface is just one example of how Canvas ignores its customers. 

I'd add, that based on my experience with AspirEDU, both the product and service, I would happily recommend Dropout Detective, however, I am less likely to recommend Canvas when basic features that should be part of the core functionality are not part of it. 

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I'm sorry I didn't add this sooner... by the end of the 'fourth step' described above, you should have a Google spreadsheet with a row for all of your students, that looks like this:

Copy of FSI's Master list of Canvas User IDs (for "Academics Checker" tool, 2019-2020; last user upd... 

Hope that helps clarify my workaround (for using data that Canvas already compiles, to better monitor student performance across various roles at your institution -- without paying for a Canvas partner's tool(s) 😃

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I'm sorry I didn't add this sooner... this is an addendum to my post on Sept. 11th, 2018, in which I tried to share a tutorial for how any Canvas admin could create HTM files full of clickable links to specific students' grades, for each of their staff. At the end of the 'fourth step' I described, you should have a Google spreadsheet with a row for all of your students, that looks like this:

Copy of FSI's Master list of Canvas User IDs (for "Academics Checker" tool, 2019-2020; last user upd... 

From there, just follow the remaining steps, starting with "Fifth step is to share the spreadsheet with your staff with viewing privileges..."

Hope this helps clarify my workaround (for using data that Canvas already compiles, to better monitor student performance across various roles at your institution -- without paying for a Canvas partner's tool(s) 😃 

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Yes, love the idea!  @marthazumack ‌ 

It would also help a lot to have a page where students can view all their grades at once, not only for active enrollments. Please up vote my Feature Idea

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All we need is a permission setting which allows a system user (like Manager or Mentor) to view a student's grade page.. 

Student Grades Page

Currently only people with "Act As User" have the ability to see this (that and the student themselves or the parent)


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We would like to share a need for K-8 administrators. In Q, the SIS system we are used to using for grades, principals and counselors can run reports that show:
-School wide -which students have a D or F and in which classes
-For a particular student-view all their classes and grades at a glance
For example, it might look like this: 
Class Grade
Period 1 88%
Period 2 54%
Period 3 90%
Period 4 85%
Period 5 43%
Period 6 78%
Period 7 80%
Period 8 62%
Could your design team consider adding these features to the admin role or as options for custom roles? I believe the parents/observers have a view like this, but administrators do not and it's not practical to make an admin observer to 100+ students they may be monitoring. 
I do see under sub-account, settings, reports there is a grade export but maybe on this page there could be a failing grade report or something so it's less to wade through. I also do not see the option to filter by grading period. I think that would be helpful since administrators need to do this D & F monitoring each trimester.
Also, we do see how to find a student in people and check their grade in each class by clicking the class title but that can be too time consuming for an administrator monitoring students at risk of failing.
I know these might be big asks, but I do know that Canvas is working on being more K-12 friendly and I think this would be a big help for a lot of districts.