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More complicated quiz structures

More complicated quiz structures

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I'm an instructor, and I would like the ability for more complex quiz structures in Canvas. Ideally, I would like Canvas to be able to do all of the following, but I will settle for any of these. I know it says to keep ideas singular, so if I should create separate posts for each of these then I'll do that instead.

  • The ability to use if/then logic for questions when using question groups, so that if a student sees a certain question, they will be disabled from seeing specific other questions in their quiz.
  • The ability to use nested question groups. This way I can have a question group to select maybe 10 questions, but have more than 10 question groups within that group. This would help ensure that when selecting random questions, students will be tested on a number of different topics or concepts, rather than seeing questions that may be repetitive. This would help in scenarios when there may be more topics or concepts being tested than quiz questions.
  • The ability to create quiz versions. That way, instead of using question groups, I could come up with different possible versions of the quiz, and then each student will get a randomly selected version. This will help reduce repetition compared to complete randomization, and will help in those instances when certain questions might inform the answers to other questions, because you could keep them on separate versions.
  • The ability to either assign extra credit questions within a quiz, or use a more complicated points/grading system -- for example, if I want to give a 20-question quiz, but only grade it out of 18, so that students can get 2 questions wrong before it starts impacting their grade.

I would really love to be able to use these features in Canvas. Maybe they exist already and I am just unaware of them, or maybe others have come up with these ideas. 

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Community Team
Community Team
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@mdocher I think all of these ideas are fantastic. I didn't see anything similar to any of the ideas you bring up so we'll open them for conversation. However, if you could please re-submit each of these as individual feature ideas (feel free to throw some links to each one in your new ideas and/or in the comments once they're approved). This makes it easier for us to track the progress of ideas and makes it easier for other users to find and vote on what they'd like to see in Canvas. Let us know if you have any other questions about re-submitting these.




@mdocher @nathanatkinson I agree that the ability to create quiz versions and assign them randomly to students would be a huge help.   

I have a single figure and want to ask the same series of questions - in a specific order - about different points on the figure to effectively make multiple versions of the quiz.   This cannot be done in new or classic quizzes.  

Allowing instructors to create two (or more) complete quiz versions and have canvas randomly assign them seems like it would be a not-too-fancy way to give instructors a lot of flexibility. 


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Community Team
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