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More configuration options for grade reporting and exports

More configuration options for grade reporting and exports

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This is likely a combination of smaller ideas, but for those of us admins who get grade reports directly from Canvas instead of going through a SIS, especially for K12 - the Canvas grade report functionality (both MGP and Final grade export) at the account level is nearly unusable.

A LOT of columns are included in the grade reports that we do not need. Right now the only configuration option is what term the report is for. I would like to see configuration options before the report is generated so we can turn on/off things like:

  • Grading Period
  • Sorting of columns by student name, course name, etc (I have no idea what order it's in by default)
  • SIS IDs for students, courses, sections (for a human-readable report, we don't need this info)
  • current score/current unposted score/current grade/current unposted grade etc. (seriously - chances are, an account is only going to be looking at one of these columns, why are they all included by default?)
  • filter by active enrollment 

Currently, to present a current grade report of all our admin, I have to open up the CSV in Excel, delete extra columns, sort by enrollment status so I can delete all the concluded/non-active enrollments, and finally sort by name. Based on the config options I've seen for other reports, these are steps that Canvas could be including to make the report much more user-friendly.

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