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More editing functions

More editing functions

It would be very helpful to change the font size and style in Modules.  The options for adding things to a module don't allow for editing fonts and as a result it becomes difficult to visually understand priorities in a module. For example, if I want to add text to explain a set of readings, that text comes out in a larger font size than the name of the module itself.  

In general, I found that Canvas makes assumptions about my shell build.  The result is options that are quite restrictive and which try to force me to tailor my teaching pedagogy to the limited number of build options in canvas. For example, Modules assumes that I build class meetings in one of only a few ways.  To accurately get students to engage with my course as I've designed it, I had to trick some of the building blocks.  

Instead, I think the font/editing issue plus my need to "trick" the building blocks would be substantially solved if there were a "dumb" building block -- that is, something I could add to any part of Canvas that is simply an edited text box with no links to any other part of canvas.  That way I can write instructions there, provide context, etc without that box auto-populating to the syllabus, assignments, or some place else.  

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for sharing this idea,  and Welcome to the Canvas Community! As it moves forward for broader discussion, you might also be interested in checking out 


Have you tried using pages?  It is possible to add a date to pages (so it will show in the syllabus and calendar), but without dates pages do not appear outside of the pages tab.  You can insert the page into a module wherever it would be helpful without it also appearing as an assignment or quiz.  The rich text editor should allow a variety of text styles to customize your page, and some formatting can be added through html (by those more skilled than I am).