Move Groups To Class


It is extremely irritating to have to click outside of the course page to enter a student group for a class, then having to click through links to get back to the course page.  This seems like a major oversight in user-friendliness. Simply move the Groups feature to be within each course so that one doesn't have to click back to the course after posting to a group discussion for that course. All features to be utilized for a course should be available to easily navigate within the course and should not require going to the main canvas page.

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When you are in the homepage for a subject group, it would be helpful to be able to navigate back to the subject content from groups. As it is now, you have to go to the dashboard and open your subject again.

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When accessing a discussion group, there should be an easier way to get back to the original class that the group originated from. At the moment, discussion groups are completely walled off from the course that they are originated. What is happening is a teacher assigns a discussion group assignment among other assignments. If I am doing homework for this given class and enter the discussion group, I have to click back to the class via the left hand navbars courses or dashboard links when I have completed the discussion assignment.  I think if you made a simple link or button where the home, announcements, pages, people links are located within the discussion group page that just lead back to the home page or modules page of the original course, that would make the students work flow more intuitive and smooth.