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Move quiz questions in Canvas Studio

Move quiz questions in Canvas Studio

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Currently if you create a quiz question in Canvas studio and you want to move it to a different place in the timeline you CANNOT!  You should be able to drag/drop or somehow be able to move a quiz question to a different time in case you created it and accidentally put it in the first minute but they wouldn't be able to answer it til they got all the way through watching the video

Community Team
Community Team
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I was looking for the same information.  It definitely would help if we can move questions within the video.  As of now it looks like the question has to be deleted and recreated in another part of the quiz. 

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This should absolutely be a feature - whether it's by dragging the question icon to a new location on the video timeline, or editing the timestamp in the question editing pane.

Anything like this that is "undoable" turns me off making use of it.

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I have had many teachers request this feature since our district started using studio! It would be great to have the option to move questions around.