Move "Submit.." and "Mark as.." buttons to BOTTOM of the page


I am a teacher, and my students are having trouble locating the action buttons on various pages. 

I would like the "Submit Assignment" and "Mark as Done" buttons (and any other similar functions) be moved to the BOTTOM of the page so students see them only after they have reviewed the content. 

It is counter-intuitive for students to review the material on the Page or Assignment but have to scroll BACK up to the top to submit or mark progress before moving forward. Sometimes they "Mark as Done" before reading or watching the content, which encourages them to skip the information.

The action buttons should be located below the page content -- similar to the "Reply" feature for Discussions and the "Next" button on Pages. 

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Thanks for sharing these suggestions. The prompt touches upon two separate Canvas features—assignments and pages—and as such it cannot move forward as a focused conversation in its current form. One of the conversations is already active at Please Move the "Done" Marker to the Bottom of the Page, so please add your comment about pages to that discussion.

Canvas is currently in the process of redesigning the student interface for submitting assignments. Student assignment enhancements involve the 'Assignment Enhancements - Student' feature option, which can be allowed on a course-by-course basis or turned on for all courses across the entire account. By default, this feature option is set to Off, but Canvas admins can manage this feature option in Account Settings. You might want to contact your local Canvas admin to see if you can test the new functionality in a sandbox course to see if the new student submission workflow is consistent with what you're hoping to see.

Thanks again! Stay safe, and stay well. 🙂

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Thank you, @Stef_retired!!