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Moving assignments to the top in modules

Moving assignments to the top in modules

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My role: Instructor

Having newly created assignments appearing at the bottom of the module is annoying.  I would like to be able to add the new item quickly to the top.  It is hard for students to have to navigate to the bottom if I forget to do the 10 steps to move it up. 

It would be nice if there was an option to post newest at the top with a right click.  Also, an option to post by reverse chronological would be helpful as well.  

It takes a lot of time to scroll through everything and find the item and move it to the top.




Community Team
Community Team
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Yes, agreed!



Yes PLEASE!    giving instructors an easier way to sort assignments  would be great - or giving students that possibility.    A quick  "Newest on top" button would be good,   as well as a way to change the default setting to "reverse chronological"  so newest end up on top.