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Multiple Attempts Per Quiz Question ANDOR unique point values

Multiple Attempts Per Quiz Question ANDOR unique point values

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I posted in the New Quizzes for voting, but putting this here too. 

I am an instructional designer assisting with multiple medical education courses that need to have a quiz/assessment show question at a time (got that), but it needs multiple attempts per question (don't have that, only multiple attempts per entire quiz). 

For example, on a multiple choice question, with four possible answers, a student choose one answer, but they didn't get it right. They should be able to have limited or unlimited attempts to answer that question BEFORE being able to move on to the next question. 

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With multiple attempts per question, I would also like to have the option to set points for each attempt. For example: answer correct in first attempt, student gets 3 points. Answer correct in second attempt, student get 2 points, etc.

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Multiple attempts is a wonderful accommodation teachers can provide to allow students the opportunity to reach the mastery level. However, retaking the entire quiz seems a bit much, especially if they only missed one question. It would be terrific if the teacher allowed multiple attempts per question. This way, as the students are working through the assignment, if they get number 5 incorrect, they can try number 5 again (bonus points if we could include a point deduction or select for there to be no point deduction) rather than wait and finish all questions then have to retake the entire assignment again to get the perfect score. The second attempt on number 5 also doesn't have to be the same question. If the quiz is pulling from a bank, the quiz engine could pull another question altogether. I think this would greatly incentivize students to take advantage of the multiple attempts, rather than settling for the 90 to avoid have to retake the entire assessment/assignment. 


As an ID I have a teacher that would like to do want she did in Moodle:  Have the option to create a question that allows multiple tries with the same question.  Example:  Student answers a Fill in the Blank question with a computer code, but that code is a bit off.  Student won't get 100% of the points, but is allowed a 2nd Try and given a Hint.  Student answers correctly and gets 80% of the points or incorrectly and receives 0%, but is provided with the correct answer.

Moodle Multiple Tries with Hints.png

Above is what she wants Canvas to have that Moodle does.  Sorry about the small image size.