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Multiple Blueprints in a Single Course

Multiple Blueprints in a Single Course

I would like to have the ability to allow multiple blueprint courses in one course. We have a series of courses where there's one of 3 core sections, which are made up of multiple modules and assessments, and then a specialty (17 different specialties) is added on. These courses will be republished as a new set of courses annually. It would be very helpful to be able to pull two blueprint courses into these rather than having to update each one.

My idea of how this would work is that you would unlock/lock down the portions of the course depending on which blueprint is being synced.

While we'd be using this with extension‌ catalog‌ courses, I can see how this would be very beneficial to many institutions and training developers.

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I'm seeing a need for this and mentioned it to quite a few people at InstructureCon.  I would love to be able to create an overall "High School Blueprint" or "Elementary Blueprint" and then be able to connect specific course blueprints (Ex. English 1 blueprint with the syllabus, standards, common assessments, etc.) or specific school blueprints.  

Thanks for getting this idea up and going! 

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I agree! I'd like to be able to cascade blueprints based on subaccount parentage. I think this would allow us to manage institution templates, then have course level content that is associated to units for a semester. 

Community Member‌ This might be of interest to you too?

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Absolutely, particularly the cascading blueprints. Thanks‌.

Sharing this to‌ as well.

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Yes, please do share! I know it would be extremely helpful for our institution. Thanks!

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Thanks for the share, a great find (and one I would definitely love to see as well)!

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As I've looked into Blueprint some more, I also wish I didn't have to select whole sections "all assignments, all quizzes, all content pages" and could select just certain pages.

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So far we have been using Blueprint to enable our instructors who teach multiple sections of the same class to manage their content with it.  (They used to cross-list but we stopped once the FERPA issue was brought up).  However, we had to give up our eLearning dream of using Blueprint to load a full Start Here module into all of our courses (faculty would still be able to edit, delete it, etc.).  Having the ability to do both would be amazing and would better serve our students!

Thank you for considering!


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I like this idea because there are times when various courses might need the same "guidelines for writing" for example and that file/module might be maintained by the Library. AND, those same courses may be using content required by their individual departments.

The only issue I can see with allowing multiple blueprints would be if the files, modules, assignments or quizzes happen to have the same name (like schedule or module one). Will one blueprint try to overwrite the other, will it know to name them the same and then the teacher will need to update, etc.


I liked this idea because we have some items in a Get Started module that being able to blue print would allow us to update universally. We use master courses at our College. I had a couple of master courses in the process of being updated when the semester began. We decided to create Blue Print courses and have the developer update as the semester was going. We did this on a very small scale, only two sections per Blue Print course. It was great to have a way to update multiple sections easily. The only downside was that we had problems with updating quizzes. We eventually had to update them in the sections manually, because the new questions wouldn't sync. It would be nice to be able to have basically Blue Print modules that we could sync to all courses. Even better would be to have the ability to do this by semester. So that we could just sync to all of the live courses in the current semester.