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I am an Implementation Specialist for a content publisher.

During the "Tips for Implementing LTI 1.3 with Canvas" livestream with Karl Lloyd on November 19, Karl mentioned that Canvas did not currently support selecting multiple resource links or line items concurrently.  We were surprised by this, as we've been doing it with our Canvas integration for the last several months.

We were early adopters of the LTI Advantage standard and have been supporting it with Canvas since December of 2019.  If Karl or anyone else on your Product team would be interested in discussing what we've done with our integration, our technical folks would love to talk.  We might be able to provide some insight into the challenges and successes we've had working with Canvas, and would appreciate the opportunity to future-proof our own integration with a better understanding of how Canvas plans to approach LTI Advantage integrations in the future.

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To clarify we don't support for assignments allow_multiple = true in the deep link messaging as defined in the IMS deep link specification between Canvas and third party tools. We plan to implement this after we finish up our work on support for custom parameters with deep links.

Some partners are working around this by using the Assignment and Grades Service to create line items which by default creates an associated assignment shell which also works.


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Hi Karl,

Are you referring to assignments generically, or are you talking about the Assignment placement/item type in Canvas specifically?

We ended up not using the Assignment placement for our tool, because the line item/grade service ended up creating an additional assignment shell when we created our resource links through the Assignment item type in Canvas, which resulted in duplicates.

One challenge we've seen with the assignment shells is that they don't include a link to the external tool, so students see the assignments hyperlinked in their Syllabus and Coming Up menus, but are not able to access the content by clicking on the links.

Going back to the multi-select question, we launch our link-picker from a Module or Page, and are able to select multiple resource links and/or line items.  Once we confirm the selections, it takes us back to the External Tool page in Canvas, which we then just close out, and all the links and line items are published.

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