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I've just noticed that the Canvas folks have added this warning to Navigation.

"Warning: For improved accessibility in reordering Course Navigation elements, please use the Move To Dialog option found in the menu."

I find this new message really confusing and unnecessary.

  • This is not a "warning." The word "warning" implies that something bad will happen. This is a "tip" or a "suggestion."
  • Where is the "Move to Dialog" option? What "menu?"
  • Is there any real need for something new or different? I have trained many colleagues on Canvas. Moving items around has not been an issue. The only real issue is that instructors forget to scroll down and save the changes.

I would suggest that this "warning" is unnecessary and unhelpful and that it be removed, or at the very least, reworded.


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@SusanNiemeyer  Thanks for sharing this feedback about the navigation menu. Would you provide a screenshot or screencast? I've just checked a course in both beta and production, and I don't see this warning, and although I might have missed it, I haven't seen it previewed in our release or deploy notes.

The verbiage appears to be consistent with Canvas documentation (see the Move Navigation Links section):  How do I manage Course Navigation links?


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Hi Stef, 

I'm attaching a screenshot. This is from a brand new course shell. You can see the warning in the blue strip at the top. I really don't know what this warning means.



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Hi, Susan,

This is a bug that has been resolved by our engineers. It will be part of the January 19 deploy.



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I have same Issue, Thank you for sharing the Info.