Need better editing capabilities & features in 'new quizzes' before 'old quizzes' deprecation!!!

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Currently, for many necessary features, one must use 'old quizzes'. For example, 'new quizzes' does not provide for alt image text?! Further, it doesn't allow HTML editing in question stems, and no formatting or proper latex rendering in statement frames at all. In short, the UI for many questions is terrible, because there is no way to format within many problems such as, and especially, fill in the blank problems.

In our transition from blackboard to canvas, my ability to effectively deliver online auto-graded quizzes has been significantly reduced/hindered. Errors persist within the gradebook, and re-grading for regex syntax errors is cumbersome, especially without a previewer/editor (which blackboard had).

Additionally, since I've seen idea suggestions with significant support archived with minimal explanation or possible alternative solutions, and others with significant activity languishing for 2+ and even 5+ years without acknowledgement or movement, I have serious doubts these issues will be implemented in before the clock runs out on 'old quizzes' in some 2 years. This is unacceptable.

Necessary fixes:

- Full HTML editing within 'new quizzes', for both question stem and statement frames.

- Need image alt text at the very least in case the image doesn't render properly for students!

- Fix inline latex rendering and allow it for both question stem and statement frames.

- Allow partial credit for matching!

- When fixing syntax and other minor errors within the quiz already attempted, the fix should be applied for all future attempts. Currently, I have to fix within the attempted quiz, issue a re-grade, refresh multiple times to ensure the regrade worked, (sometimes it doesn't) then go edit a copy in 'quizzes' or 'assignments'. Wait for another attempt to ensure the fix was applied. Sometimes it's not.

- Allow edits to all parts of a problem within the regrade, not just the solutions. Grammatical errors happen.

- Add a regex previewer! Syntax errors happen.

According to the timeline, no new 'old quizzes' can be created after 7/2022 with full deprecation less than a year later.

Please add to this list below, before the clock runs out.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback about the transition to New Quizzes. As Idea Conversations is designed to facilitate singular requests for an enhancement to a specific feature within Canvas, we're not able to move this forward for broader discussion in this forum. That said, you'll find many, if not most, of the topics you've raised are already the subject of active conversations in this forum; please search on "New Quizzes" to find them and add your comments. 

Every idea conversation in this forum is reviewed and followed by the product manager(s) responsible for that part of Canvas. Specifically with respect to needed New Quiz features and the quiz transition, the product manager for New Quizzes has been discussing priorities and the anticipated timeline for deprecation of the old quiz tool. Please feel free to add your thoughts at  Sunsetting Classic Quizzes Q&A .