New Analytics: Add Content Type Column for Context


Hi all,

I've just downloaded and processed my first student analytics data from Canvas and found it frustrating.

Most of the highest viewed content were image files, which says nothing given that the same image file can be used in every page of a course if an instructor chooses.

So, my idea is this:

  • Offer analytics by content type, providing a column to say if it is a page, file, image, etc.
    • This column would save instructors time cleaning up the data in the .csv file to make sense of it
    • It would also make it easier to compare things which are like for like
  • Offer analytics downloads by column to give instructors the choice of what data they want to download
    • For example, 'participations' is meaningless if your focus is on seeing views for Canvas pages without interaction opportunities

I think this would save instructors countless hours and provide some meaningful context to the analytics function, which is handy but still needs lots of processing to make any sense of.



Community Explorer

I totally agree about image files! Not being able to filter out these pageviews makes the Canvas Analytics interface itself useless. In a course where we use banners or other graphics in our Pages, all of the pageview counts will be inflated by 3x or more. 

Community Participant

I agree this is a problem in New Analytics. To filter resources by content type is important to make it more useful for instructors.

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