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New Modules at Top of Page

New Modules at Top of Page

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I would love to have a feature that enables +Module to go directly to the top of the page. Currently +Modules defaults to the bottom of the page.

Community Team
Community Team
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Yes! Me too!!!

As my district is offering virtual learning this entire school year, I'm going to have 30-something modules by the end of the year. It makes sense to my students for the newest module to be on top, so that means I have to drag the new one up to the top. My computers (desktop and laptop) don't really do that it a speedy manner, either. I would really love for this to be an option.


I would like my teachers to have this option as well. 


I would love this for my staff as well. Right now they must manual move each module they create.

Surveyor II

Yes please! I'd like a course level setting that lets the instructor choose where the new modules go, as well as a notice on the modules page itself to let students know which setting the instructor picked!

(the option to have a pinned module would be nice too)