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New Quiz Automatic Grade Posting

New Quiz Automatic Grade Posting

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When a student completed a new quiz that has a teacher graded portion, it automatically posted the grade and does not alert the teacher there is some teacher graded responses that need attention. Please don't post the grade until the teacher looks at it. Please alert the teacher on our dashboard "to-do" list that a quiz needs attention. 

Community Team
Community Team
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Hi @karvidson

It looks like your idea is similar to New Quizzes: Dashboard To Do.

However, it looks like your idea includes a second part (about not automatically posting auto-graded scores).

Please add your comments about a dashboard to-do for New Quizzes in the idea linked above. You can then revise this feature idea to focus on the second part of your request. 




Does anyone have ideas for this?  I am getting lost finding students who submit late but I still need to review questions.  There is no notification, tag, to-do...nothing.

Community Team
Community Team
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Surveyor II

Hi we are trying to push this idea here too. As you can see it's frustrating a lot of teachers and students. Feel free to comment and vote:


Perhaps I am just overlooking some setting, but when I create a "new quiz" that contains a portion that I will have to manually grade, this quiz is not sent to my Speedgrader to-do list.  Instead, I am having to go into the gradebook and open Speedgrader through the actual assignment.  If there is an easy solution to this, I'd love to know it!  If not, this seems like a change in the wrong direction.