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New Quiz Settings, Can it be Streamlined?

New Quiz Settings, Can it be Streamlined?

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I am trying to work with New Quiz Assignments and have a lot of trouble between editing settings in the quiz, or in the assignment. During this time of our marking period, I'm spending the bulk of my time either reopening an assignment for a student (changing the due dates) or giving a student a new attempt in the assignment. It is a little frustrating that they are two different locations.


I'm not sure if I am using the feature correctly, but why are there two different locations to edit settings? I can either choose "edit" from the right hand menu, within the list of quizzes. Or, I can visit the "settings" tab after clicking on a specific quiz. Is there a way that that can be streamlined? It seems like I can constantly going to the wrong option, and it is especially clunky because the "return" button brings me back to an entirely new location.


I've also noticed that there are two different locations for changing the amount of attempts, and they can even conflict with each other.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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I know you can change a due date by moving the assignment on the calendar.  And you can go into the Quizzes link and click the three dots, and go to edit.  But I really REALLY miss being able to edit the due dates, assign to specific sections or students, or adjust the due time from within the actual assignment itself.  Please add editing the assignment specifics (due date, time, section or student) into the "Settings " tab when editing or building a new Quiz.

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I think that they need to show the time limit and due date in the Build page as well.

Due Date & Time Limit

By clicking on the date, the date and time picker will be shown. Notice how the Android-style pickers are used, so that users can input the date/time by clicking on the numbers as well as using the up/down arrows. The Clear button is used to clear the due date.

Date Picker

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Follow these steps:

  1. Go to assignment tabs.
  2. Click on the three dots on the right.
  3. Select Mastery Paths
  4. Click on the details tab.
  5. Change the due dates and add dates for multiple sections.
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This is huge oversight not allowing you to edit quiz parameters for sections and due dates for the quiz in the quiz editing external tool.  There's not even a link or anything.  With classic quizzes it was right there when you clicked on the quiz name from anywhere but now you have to execute a very specific navigation process just to edit these very necessary basic parameters.  Thanks but I'll stick to classic quizzes until they get this resolved.

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@aprelm  Thank you for taking the time to comment.  I know how to do it, that wasn't the question though.  I think the option to update or edit should still be in the build stage and not just through the assignments tab.  

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open

@spudicmx Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for broader discussion, please join the conversation underway that is specific to the last point made in the description: New Quizzes: attempts allowed - Canvas Community 

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Please make it so that when you click on edit a New Quiz,

the due date and points assignment for that quiz is on the same location as where you would go to edit the questions.  Having to go to “Quizzes”, and then open a completely separate page just to edit the due date or the points assignments is quite cumbersome.

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I think what I am experiencing is similar.
I have to copy all my modules from one course to another for a class that works at a very different pace. It is easy to go in afterward and change the dates on assignments while I am in my modules UNTIL I get to the New Quizzes. I have to leave my modules and go back to Quizzes to edit those available dates and due dates there. It does not sound important, but it would be a huge time saver to be able to edit those dates while I was in Modules. It's all about the uploading/reloading time.
Does that make sense? Thanks for considering!
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I agree that the current navigation is a mess. Try explaining it over email or over the phone to a user!



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Consider making a New Quiz's assignment settings available in an Assign panel in the top menu bar, alongside the other choices (Build, Settings, ReportsModerate).

Elsewhere in the community, it's been suggested to solve the problem of differentiated due/availability in one place, and moderation in another.  It would be great for Moderate to reflect or refer to existing differentiation, and even better to allow editing that for a student without having to go to assignment settings.

Community Team
Community Team

Please note that we've made some changes to New Quizzes navigation as detailed in the  Canvas Deploy Notes (2021-04-14)

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My goal is to reduce confusion and wasted time while accessing the new quiz tool.

Over the semester access to the New Quizzes tool has changed.  Initially, if you clicked on a Quiz in the Assignments or Quizzes tab it immediately took you to the New Quiz tool with the build/settings/report/moderate options. This was convenient and required only two clicks to start grading.

Mid-way through the semester the same click took you to a settings page and required clicking on Save in order to get to the build/settings/report/moderate page. This was confusing when trying to grade, because you don't want to change any of those settings once students are taking the quiz and caused both anxiety and wasted time.

Today that was changed again and now there is a big red "build" button you must click to get to the build/settings/report/moderate page in order to start grading.  This is also confusing as the last thing I want to do when grading is build a new quiz and the UI seems to indicate I will blow away the existing quiz if I click on the big red button.  

It would be nice to be able to avoid the setting page altogether, since that is not needed for almost all accesses to the new quiz tool.  The initial design where clicking on the quiz in the Assignments tab took you directly to the new quiz tool was the fastest and least confusing UI option.