New Quizzes: Ability to mark an essay question as partially correct

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In new quizzes, when marking teacher-graded responses such as short answer/essay, the current options are a check mark for correct and an x for incorrect. No matter which mark is selected, the teacher can change the point value from full credit or no credit to a partial point credit. This part is great for situations in which the teacher wishes to give partial credit. However, this situation is not well communicated to students with the current correct/incorrect buttons. The answer is not completely correct nor is it completely incorrect. This makes it difficult as a teacher to decide which option to select. If you select correct, the student may not notice the reduced point value and skip over the teacher provided feedback for the portion that was incorrect. If you select incorrect, the student may not notice that part of the answer was correct and awarded partial points. A button for partially correct can be used when the student gets some of the points available but not all of them. This will alert the student that they must identify which part was correct and which part was incorrect when reviewing their attempt.

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