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New Quizzes: Add location for SpeedGrader Access

New Quizzes: Add location for SpeedGrader Access


In the current quiz system, an instructor may access SpeedGrader through the grade book or from the overview screen of the quiz itself (see below).




With Quizzes.Next, currently you can only access SpeedGrader through the grade book (you can grade questions using "Moderation" but not access SpeedGrader).


I propose that a "SpeedGrader" button be added to the main page of Quizzes.Next assessments (example below).  I believe this would improve the user-friendliness of Quizzes.Next and make navigation more similar to the current quizzing options.





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They could also make quizzes from Quizzes.Next show up in a teacher To-Do list as needing graded, which is usually a direct link to open the assignment in SpeedGrader. 

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When some of my teachers saw that there was no SpeedGrader link and what a pain it was to go through a large number of assignments in Moderate, they declared it was stupid and weren't going to use Quizzes.Next.  Now that I can show them how to use SpeedGrader with the new quizzes, I think I'll get some back, but this is a ridiculously complicated way to get to one of Canvas's best features [for teachers].  It just doesn't make sense to make SpeedGrader so difficult to get to.

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This proposal would make the grading process for quizzes much more seamless!

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This is one of several reason we really aren't using, too many missing features. I don't understand why this would not be part of it.

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Another thing - if you're using AND the new grade book, there is no way to access speedgrader for the quiz.  Unless I'm completely missing something but I don't think I am.

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 @cunninghama  there is a way: the Grade Detail Tray, accessed by clicking the right-arrow icon in any New Gradebook Cell. The amazing  @kona ‌ has put together a great blog post on this feature in the New Gradebook Users Group‌:

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Yes! Please give us Speed Grader for New Quizzes! To have to grade a quiz and then go back to Moderate and then click the next student is two extra steps that add a lot of time to grading.  Please improve this!!

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YES PLEASE!! Add this feature. 

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Yes please! Making Speed Grader available within the New Quizzes Window would remove another barrier that is preventing many of my institution's faculty from using New Quizzes and reduce the disappointment of those that are using it.

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Why can't we get to Speedgrader from within the Quiz details? This is SO incredibly frustrating. PLEASE enable a link/button to launch speedgrader from within the Quiz Page. Or even link it in the three dots as an option- but why are forced to go to either our TO-do list, assignment list, or the gradebook to launch speedgrader? Please streamline  these options so that they are all accessible in the same locations.

Screenshot 2020-10-29 124659.png




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I'd like to lend my support for this idea. Given that there is a direct link in Classic Quizzes to Speedgrader, it would be good to see this replicated in New Quizzes. Just so Instructors do not have to change their workflow any more than they need to. 

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While we are waiting for Canvas to fix this, here is a work-around that I used for my institution. I would be interested in learning if it works for yours. 

In Excel, use the following formulas: 


where A2 is the New Quizzes URL,

B2 is =FIND("assignments",A2,1)-1 (Don't forget the -1 at the end.)

and B3 is =B2+12

If Google Sheets is what you use, the formulas are a little different.

Cell A2 is still the URL

A3 is =CONCAT(C2,RIGHT(A2,LEN(A2)-B3))

B2 is also the same =FIND("assignments",A2,1)-1  

B3 is still =B2+12

C2 is =CONCAT(LEFT(A2,B2),"gradebook/speed_grader?assignment_id=")


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I just drafted the exact same feature request. Glad I searched a bit harder before posting a duplicate.

A common pieces of feedback we get from instructors trying New Quizzes is that they gave up and went back to classic quizzes, due to not realizing that the speedgrader exists in new quizzes.

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Is there a way to access the speed grader directly from the quiz (when using new quiz format)?

Currently I have to go to access the speed grader for a new quiz from the grades section. 

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 Currently, there is no way to get to the speed grader from a new quiz. You have to go to the grade book, find the assignment, click the three dots on the side and go to speed grader. It would be very helpful and efficient if a tab next to moderate took you to speed grader.

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Since the recent canvas update I can no longer access speedgrader from quizzes.  This makes it incredibly cumbersome to navigate to grade assignments from the gradebook or moderate on the quiz details page.  This was also applied retroactively to previous created quizzes and for some of these I can now only grade them by individually clicking on each student under moderate and then returning to moderate, selecting the next student and so forth.  

It was called speedgrader for a reason, it made navigating between students on assignments VERY simple.  This feature makes me dread grading because the process is going to be unnecessarily complicated and it is marked decrease from the previous iteration.  This has added about 45 mins to an hour to grading each week and made grading make-up or late work a process that takes 3-5 mins just to get to the assignment for 1 student, where as it used to take 30 seconds or less. 

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Requesting accessibility to SpeedGrader for New Quizzes to be found within the New Quiz itself and/or within the vertical  ••• action menu. Currently, the only access to SpeedGrader is by navigating to the Canvas Gradebook which is limiting and extra clicks to get to what was accessible quickly in the classic quiz setup. Advocating for a colleague, going through Grades is time consuming with numerous assignments, the page often times out and the page fails to load. 

Thank you for your consideration

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Hi, I would like the New Quizzes to allow immediate access to Speed Grader like it does on the old quizzes.  I can not load my Gradebook in a timely manner.  I have 780 quizzes.  I don't have time to click all around.  I need immediate access.  

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SpeedGrader is easily accessible in Assignments and Old Quizzes on the right side of the page. To get to it with New Quizzes, you have to first go to the grade book, click on the three dots next to the assignment, and then to Speedgrader. This is more steps and inconsistent with your current workflow and design. Please consider adding this to make everything more consistent and easier to navigate. Thank you.

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Totally agree!