[New Quizzes] Add the "Back To Moderate" link to the bottom of Student Results


New Quizzes has a helpful "Back To Moderate" link at the top of the Student Results page (which is reached by clicking on an "Attempt" link within the New Quizzes Moderate Page).

However, with long exams, it is cumbersome to have to scroll all the way back to the top of the Results page after reading to the bottom.

This could be easily resolved by adding a second iteration of the "Back to Moderate" link at the bottom of the Student Results page.

Community Team
Community Team
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I would recommend setting a question number minimum to make the extra button appear (e.g., 5 questions).  Typically, applications that show a button at both the top and bottom of the page make the second copy of the button appear when a certain threshold of items on the page has been reached.  That way, the page doesn't appear cluttered when there's not a lot of content, but the extra button is available for ease of navigation after scrolling or tabbing (with keyboard) down on the page.

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This makes sense

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