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New Quizzes: Allow Course Designers to Edit Quizzes

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New Quizzes: Allow Course Designers to Edit Quizzes

Instructure has decided that course designers should not be able to create or edit New Quizzes. The purpose of the designer role is to create and maintain course content, so making designers unable to create or maintain a major type of content makes the role nearly useless.

Community Team
Community Team‌, according to the Canvas Course Role Permissions PDF, users in the Designer role can add, edit, and delete Assignments and Quizzes (see page 3). Are you finding that New Quizzes represent an exception to that? Also, "Course Designer" isn't an official out-of-the-box Canvas role, so it would be good to rule out the possibility that your institution has created a custom role for Course Designers.

We'll keep this idea in Moderating status as we look forward to your response.



New Quizzes (formerly Quizzes.Next) is a new tool intended to replace Quizzes at a future date. See this page for more information: What is New Quizzes? 

"Designer" or "Course Designer" is a built-in Canvas role. See this page for more information: 

I received this message from Canvas Support after reporting that a Designer could not edit New Quizzes:

Hello, Our Product & Engineering team have reviewed this issue and determined it is functioning correctly: New Quizzes does not currently support access for course designers. Members of our Product & Engineering team are always open to input, and want to hear from you on our Community site if there is anything that would make your experience with Canvas better. Feel free to submit your suggestions on the Feature Idea site at, with an explanation as to why such a change would be beneficial to you. Please let us know if you have any further questions we can assist with on this matter. Thank you, Support Panda Notifier of Things

So this is a request to re-add the functionality available in Quizzes.

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for checking this with Canvas Support,‌. 

"Designer" is a standard Canvas role, but "Course Designer" (a name some institutions use for a custom role) is not; they're not used interchangeably.

We've opened the idea for voting and our Documentation Team has made a note to update the Canvas Course Permissions PDF to reflect the New Quizzes exception to the Designer role.


If you give someone the "Designer" role in a course and then look in the People tool, the text displayed in the Role column will be "Course Designer".  The standard Canvas role is labeled both ways.