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New Quizzes: Allow File Upload Question Submissions to be Previewed in Speedgrader

New Quizzes: Allow File Upload Question Submissions to be Previewed in Speedgrader


In most contexts, when a file such as a Word document or PDF is linked in Canvas, a preview button is added alongside the filename, which allows the user to preview the file in-line without downloading the file:

353505_Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 11.55.53 AM.png

However, this is not the case for file-upload question submissions, which must be downloaded by the grader in order to be viewed in both quizzes:

353506_Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 11.56.13 AM.png

and New Quizzes.

353513_Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 11.56.23 AM.png

In order to streamline the process of grading file upload question submissions, Canvas should add the ability to preview file upload attachments in-line in the speedgrader for New/Classic Quizzes.

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There is another similar idea to this wandering around (that the file upload can be run through Turnitin/text matching.). 

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Indeed, New Quizzes: Allow use of turnitin is worth a look! Thanks, @sharon_kitching !

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Yes please make this a feature. It is necessary for courses that require a file upload for exams.

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Please! We're trying to promote the idea of switching to New Quizzes based on these great new question types, and an early adapter was excited about the file upload until he realized it's taking longer to get to these to grade than anticipated...

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it is a useful feature that maybe implemented !!

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This would save hours of time in big classes for faculty to access Quiz uploads in SpeedGrader automatically rather than downloading, saving, and opening each file, and then transferring a grade to the quiz.  Uploads under Assignments do show up in SpeedGrader, but there is no ability to set a test time limits.  You can get around this by having students Embed Images into Quiz answers which do show up in SpeedGrader, but it puts the burden on students to convert files to image files and to figure out the Embed function which is a multi-step process.

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I would very much like this feature; I want to be able to comment and annotate files inside speed grader for quiz uploads, so that I can give students feedback more than a score.  Right now to do this I have to download all the files, annotate each one in a separate program, then reupload (being careful to match the student to the exam) in a comment for each student.  For a small class this is doable; for a large class it is a big impediment.

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Currently, when a quiz question is created that requires student to upload their answers as a pdf file, the instructor is able to edit (make corrections to) students' work.  However, students cannot see this on their end so they're not getting the feedback that could help their understanding of their work.   

Instructors should be able to grade file upload questions that were submitted as a pdf, and students should be able to see their corrections.

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As a math teacher, I have students upload pictures of their work. If I have a 5 question quiz, and 100 students, that 500 photos I have to download and look at. That's a lot.  If there was a preview function in speedgrader, then I wouldn't have to download anything and I could quickly grade their work.

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You should be able to view images in the speed grader. If it's isn't working you might have a conflict with your web browser, or it might be an add-on or extension.  This is a known issue. 

Try viewing the assignment in incognito mode, or with a web browser you don't have any extensions or add-ons installed. 

I did just test this and I was able to preview both a jpg and png file in the speedgrader. 


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I am just airing my "wish" here. I love the SpeedGrader that allows me to check the submission of my students right there in one place. There is no need for me to download their files, make annotations, and then upload again so they would be able to see my comments and corrections. But such is not the case when I use the FILE UPLOAD type of question in a quiz. It is really a burden to download the students' solutions, check them using another program, and then upload the file again so that my students will view my corrections. Can the Canvas designers do something about it? If it works on assignments, I am sure they can make it happen for quizzes?

What if?

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This is something that really would make life SO much easier in my math classes.

So, now that so many of us have suggested to make the Quiz upload questions like the assignment upload questions, can it be done before the next session begins? Please?

Thanks so much

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Here is another thing i experienced :

On the ipad Canvas app, i am able to correct the Quiz upload questions directly because there is an editor BUT after correcting i have to save it to One drive, go to the one drive on my computer (hope it has synced because half the time it does not), make sure the files i saved on the ipad are on one drive, then upload them as comments on the quiz for students to see!

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I am really expecting this to be implemented! The editor is there, all it needs is to be saved. Please, please!

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Please incorporate this feature into quizzes. Faculty need the ability to view and annotate file upload questions in Speedgrader. Many faculty have to create elaborate (and clunky) workarounds because of the lack of this functionality in quizzes. 

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Please add this feature. 

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This would be AMAZING if added.  It would solve so many work arounds we've had to create out of necessity

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Yes PLEASE!!  For many disciplines. Our Math Faculty would particularly appreciate this as students routinely upload handwritten solutions to problems. It's frustrating and difficult for the faculty to have to download each one in order to view it.