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New Quizzes: Allow Quiz Regrade for Questions Linked to Banks

New Quizzes: Allow Quiz Regrade for Questions Linked to Banks


We heavily use the question bank folders to keep our questions organized.  We create them in the banks since it is the only way to keep them from going into an "unfiled" folder.

The regrade feature needs to be allowed for questions linked to banks.  If the question is wrong in one quiz, it is wrong everywhere so I fail to see what it matters if it is referenced multiple places.  Regrading is critical to fair grading and it makes no sense to either be stuck with a choice between a completely disorganized question database and losing the regrade option.

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Dear Canvas,

Please fix this. This type of functionality should be an absolute priority. I cannot believe that this issue is 5 years old and still unresolved. It is completely unacceptable. 



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I was getting ready to give an instructor the bad news that question bank questions can't be regraded in new quizzes, but it looks like it now is?

Maybe I'm doing something different than what others are asking for?

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 10.15.50 AM.png

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OK, I have just learned the hard way that if I want to re-grade a multiple-choice question, I can't do this if the question is in an Item Bank.


Can we ADD this feature?  Just put in some sort of "warning: questions may be in more than one quiz.  Do you wish to continue?" statement. 

"Quiz regrade does not apply to questions linked to a question bank since questions may be used in more than one quiz."

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Pulling questions from a bank is the one of the best ways to create variation and/or organize questions in a quiz. Plus, it greatly decreases the ability of students to share answers with their peers. Instructors shouldn't have to choose between making their quizzes more secure and having the safety net of regrading a question.

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Please allow for this functionality. It is critical!

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In Canvas we are always forced to choose between features. Classic quizzes vs New Quizzes and now using Item Banks vs not using them. Item banks help reduce rework for future offerings but not being able to regrade questions linked to item banks is just non-sensical. Please fix this

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This is a request that has been requested by users for approaching 7 years. Clearly, this is a highly sought-after request. The feedback in the guides states, "Questions that are linked to a Question Bank cannot be regraded since they may be used in more than one quiz." However... if the question was marked wrong in one quiz, it will be wrong in them all. Just as we are given an option on how to handle the point distribution can it also ask us if we just want to update this quiz or ALL quizzes this bank is associated with?