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New Quizzes: Allow Rich Content editing for fill in the blank

New Quizzes: Allow Rich Content editing for fill in the blank

This idea has been developed and is On Canvas Beta  How do I access the Canvas beta environment?

For more information, please read through the Canvas Release Notes 2022-05-21 

Fill in the blank only allows word answer. If my students needs to enter (2sin(x)cos(x)) or something from calculus it gets confusing. If students as well as teachers are allowed to use Rich Content Editing in simple fill in the blank. I believe it will make it easier for all the chemistry and math teacher because it will enable latex typing.


For Example: This is hard to input:



Inputting: (sin(3x))/((x-3)(x+3))-((3sin(x)cos^2(x)-sin^3(x))/(x^2-9)) can be very tricky and can be easily mistaken. Therefor if rich content editing(LaTex system) were to be allowed students can easily type



instead of (sin(3x))/((x-3)(x+3))-((3sin(x)cos^2(x)-sin^3(x))/(x^2-9))

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It appears that the tables in the Fill-in-blank questions in the Classic Quizzes are not preserved after migrating to the New Quizzes.

In the Classic Quizzes:



In the New Quizzes:



This is not good~


Is there any way to preserve the Rich Text format?

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I would like this to be a revisited feature. Where would I upvote this idea?

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Absolutely essential! New Quizzes just feels buggy without the option of simple formatting in this context

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In Classic Quizzes I relied on fill-in-the-blank questions with multiple blanks. I like the ability to use different answer types (drop-down, typing, etc.), and to organize the questions like paragraphs (useful for translation type questions) or tables (useful for all those verb forms).

Please add a text editor to the fill-in-the-blank question in New Quizzes that will be as functional as it is in the Classic Quizzes.

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i am trying to create a "Fill in the blank" question and really need the RICH CONTENT EDITOR to enter in math symbols.  WOULD  be great to access that to not only create the possible answers but for the students to use as well when answering.

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Yes, being able to access the Rich Content Editor would be an extremely useful feature when creating certain questions(for teachers) and typing in answers(for students).

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Is this even being looked at?  Does anyone know if this is being addressed?  This seems so basic for the STEM fields...making it an easy way for students to show their thoughts and work.  Is the voting open- where does this stand?

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I have used New Quizzes enough to know that there are some advantages to using New Quizzes over Classic quizzes. However, I teach middle school math and am very disappointed that I am unable to do very simple things with New Quizzes. 

Here is a classic math problem that I am able to set up for my students in Classic Quizzes: 

Classic Quizzes.PNG

In New Quizzes the same question looks like: 

New Quizzes.PNG

Having students complete tables in math and science is a very common type of question. Why is this not available to do in New Quizzes? 

We need a rich content editor in fill in the blank questions in New Quizzes also a.s.a.p.

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We need the ability to write math words/symbols in fill in the blank less than or equal to on a dropdown answer spot.

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It would be helpful for teachers to be able to use the MathQuill feature within the fill in the blank answer options such as this. 

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Can the New Canvas Quizzes become more Chemistry Friendly? PLEASE!

Chemistry teachers are tired of creating essay questions for typing Chemical Formulas and Chemical Equations. Is there a way to make the Science Fill-In the Blank Questions with Rich Content Editor with New Canvas Quizzes so that Chemistry students can type in Chemical Formulas using subscripts and superscripts?

For Example, if I have a question like "What is the chemical formula for Dihydrogen Monoxide (i.e. water)?" I would like to have my students be able to type the answer in a fill-in-the-blank, not essay question. The answer would be H2O, but the 2 needs to be able to be typed as a subscript. 

Can you all please develop question types this for Chemistry and science teachers to use? Thank you in advance.

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Please include formatted text, AT LEAST in the static text portion of the FIB so that the functionality available in Old Quizzes can be duplicated. Allowing formatted text within drop-down answer choices would be even better, but failing to support backwards compatibility is really a poor way to treat your customer base. 

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Instructors need the ability to format questions that use multiple question blanks. There is no way to create data tables or multiple line questions without text editing capability. You can edit the optional question stem but you can't edit the actual question. Is this something that is being addressed before old quizzes is discontinued?

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I agree with everyone else. This feature is critical to successfully using While I have done some workarounds, this is extremely limiting for some of my large-scale automatically graded assignments in chemistry.

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As a chemistry teacher this is so frustrating. How can I be able to put emojis and the likes in this comment field but I can't type a reaction equation? Why can't the mathquill or whatever name is given to the LaTeX renderer be available in ALL answer formats?


Canvas Support seems to have diluted this query down by spreading it out over discussion threads for the many different types of answer fields. Simple solution, instigate it for ALL answer fields.


\(C_2H_6 \neq C2H6\)

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: On Beta
  Comments from Instructure


For more information, please read through the Canvas Release Notes 2022-05-21 

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Thank you so much for sharing the idea. 

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As a chemistry professor, I'd vote to have a RCE in all types of questions.  In certain type of questions (e.g., fill in the blank, matching, categorization)  that don't have a RCE I got around not being able to add subscripts nor superscripts by using using "special subscript and superscript fonts" (e.g., H₂O or Cr₂O₇²⁻).  If it weren't for these "special fonts" I'd be up a creek without a paddle.  Thank goodness for the Character Viewer on my Mac that grants me access to symbols and special subscript and superscript fonts that we need in chemistry (i.e., △ → ⇌ 𝓵 𝞂 𝝺 𝝱 𝝲 𝝳 𝝼, ² ₂ etc.).