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New Quizzes: Allow annotated feedback in Speedgrader for essay questions

New Quizzes: Allow annotated feedback in Speedgrader for essay questions


Completing assessment online is fast becoming the norm in Australia, and our students are expected to complete a range of tests via this method, including extended writing pieces. In order to prepare our students for such experiences, we are using the Essay option in Quizzes for students to submit timed writing pieces, as Spell Check can be switched off, work is saved in case of error, and Speedgrader allows teachers to use the inbuilt rubric to provide feedback. 

However, currently, teachers are unable to provide any annotations onto student submissions if they are submitted through the Quizzes function, unlike a Microsoft Word typed and uploaded piece, which has extensive options for annotation through Speedgrader. 

It seems that annotation in Quizzes is something that is desired for students as well, in this idea: Student Highlight & Annotation Tools for Quizzes

I would like for there to be options for teachers to annotate essay submissions from students through the Quizzes tool via Speedgrader, to facilitate more meaningful feedback and therefore improved engagement with feedback from students.  

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Greetings  @clare_mackie  Welcome to the Community and thanks for taking the time to submit this feature idea! A related idea people may also be interested in is currently open for voting at" modifiedtitle=....

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I am very disappointed that the "New Quiz" feature does NOT correspond with the "To - do" list function if there is an essay to be graded. It is like a contract for the tech engineers ran out of money and gave us an unfinished product. Not happy

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This would be fantastic! I have my students submit their work for physics problems through an essay question and there is no way to mark things up and I have to rely on trying to describe things through the comments.

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This would be great!

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it is a useful feature that maybe implemented !!

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I thought we could annotate essays etc.  I think we should be able to annotate everything that comes in through speed grader.

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I agree with this, and also wish there was an option to add a Rubric into a quiz. When the quiz is an essay, having a rubric attached for grading for both me and the students would be helpful. Then they can see all feedback in the rubric.

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At least in old quizzes, there is an option to add a rubric to the quiz by clicking on the three dots at the top right next to the edit button. I don't think there is a way to add it to a rubric to individual questions, though, and I am not sure what is available in New Quizzes with regard to a rubric. The students can see the rubric if the go to that assignment in Grades, so you could have different parts of the rubric corresponds to different essay questions.

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Please add an annotation tool to Quizzes. I have many math, language, and English teachers who have to download files, open in a 3rd party app, and reupload for every quiz.  When you have 200+ this is cumbersome and unnecessary. Please consider.

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I'd like to show my support for this feature idea as well. It would be incredibly useful if annotating essay questions or file upload question types were available in SpeedGrader for Quizzes. I've been instructing our faculty to create to separate assignments one for the essay question as a file submission assignment and then using a Quiz for the multiple-choice aspect of the test/exam/knowledge check. It would be great to combine them in one place and be able to take advantage of SpeedGrader's annotation tools.

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Please consider adding this to the quiz function - essay questions!! Would be so helpful to provide additional feedback for students!

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Please do implement this idea. It would be very useful!

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As a math teacher, I need to be able to write on student's work that has been submitted on a File Upload question type in New Quizzes.  Have you ever tried to write a paragraph to a 6th grader explaining the mistake made in a math problem?  If I can annotate a file that is submitted through an assignment upload, shouldn't I be able to annotate a file that is uploaded as a response to a "file upload" question?  I can't figure out why anyone would use that question type if we can only assign a grade with no corrections unless we download it and use another program to annotate and then upload it again for the students to view. 

This is truly an essential need for math teachers and I would suspect to may other subject areas as well.  

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Excellent suggestion. Scoring is only one aspect of the feedback instructors give through quizzes. The "additional comments" box is completely inadequate as a means to give targeted, qualitative feedback on essay type questions. Please give us a set of tools to markup and add location-specific comments on essays submitted through quizzes.

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Fully support this idea. An absolute must have, and - being new to grading in Canvas - thought I was overlooking this function somewhere. I.e. cannot believe that it is not present already - please, please add.

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please allow us to annotate solutions uploaded in quizzes

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I was just asked today for the annotation feature to be added to uploaded files in the New Quizzes.  There is a math teacher who has questions for students to upload a PDF to show their work and the only way to provide feedback is by using the comment feature.  The teacher needs to be able to circle or highlight where the student went wrong in their work. I was unable to click on the link that was posted to be able to vote.  Any help would be appreciated!  



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This suggested functionality definitely gets my vote of support.

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