New Quizzes: Attach a Rubric to Individual Questions on a Quiz


I would love to be able to attach a rubric for individual essay questions on a quiz, rather than a rubric to the entire quiz. My current workaround is to just an enormous rubric with duplicated rows for each essay question, but this is kind of silly.

For open-ended questions that require rubric grading, I should be able to attach a distinct rubric to each. 


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I'd also like this feature! It's laborious to manually keep track of points for essay questions. A rubric feature for individual essay questions would would help immensely.

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Would be helpful to be able to add a rubric to the open-ended questions or the short answers. particularly as a lot of them are 3 marks for part a, 6 marks for part b, 2 marks part c. Would make auto-calculating easier to view. 

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I co-ordinate an introductory college level course that often has multiple (5+) instructors dealing with different sections.  The ability to add a rubric, optionally not visible to students, and a sample answer, would be a tremendous step forward in our ability to maintain a consistent marking criteria across the various deliveries.

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This feature would reduce so much time for me.  My current workaround is to type comments into each question so that students understand why they missed certain points.  Yes, I could just copy and paste statements, but I use essay responses for small passage reading comprehension questions.  Because I teach Spanish, I need those responses to be complete sentences, not just one word answers.

Please add this feature soon.

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Hello! Hello!

I am an elementary teacher.

I use Learning Mastery as my grading system.  Whenever I create a quiz, I have to go back to the "Quizzes" link, select "edit" next to the quiz and then attach a rubric to it in order to be able to grade it for Learning Mastery.  This is VERY TIME CONSUMING- lots of clicking and navigating back and forth.  It would be really nice if the option was available to attach a rubric right as I was creating the quiz.  Maybe when I "align it to an outcome?" 



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Can't happen soon enough.

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YES! I have a faculty member BEGGING for this - literally reading this over my shoulder. We need this. With all the issues people have with New Quizzes and Rubrics anyways, how hard could this be to add? 

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Please add this!! It's a feature that's been on the idea list since at least 2015.

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I would also like to see this! It would be nice if it was on both old and new quizzes.

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