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New Quizzes: Capitalization Case Issues Fill-in-The-Blank Questions

New Quizzes: Capitalization Case Issues Fill-in-The-Blank Questions

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I just migrated ALL of the quizzes from the old the new quizzes.  And all of the answers I slaved away on entering are now worthless.  "Exact Match" now also requires capitalization be the same.  That means that some answers that are correct are being marked incorrect.  "Close Enough" is nice but requires that I touch every single question in the each of many homework quizzes to choose "close enough" and then pick "ignore case".

This issue is solved simply by having new quizzes assume by default that case does not matter.  Then add a check box that says that "Consider Case".  "Consider case" should be available on each option.

This should be an easy fix.

Community Team
Community Team
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Great idea, seconded.

Surveyor II

I originally posted this on the fill-in-the-blank guide and was asked by a moderator to move it here. I’m just copying the original post verbatim even though it somewhat repeats part of the original post:

With Fill-in-the-blank, we need the ability to ignore case on all of the open entry options and clearer guidance on the acceptable regex code because it is not accepting code that tests as correct on third party regex tools.

I was writing lots of naming questions for a chemistry Exam and could not find a setting that accurately graded the names.  Consider a name such as Vanadium(ii) Sulfate. Students may enter the name using upper or lower case or an assortment, plus some put a space between “m” and “(“ as well.

i have students enter “Vanadium(ii)” in one box and “Sulfate” in another to help parse out the grading process, but even that is not enough.  The exact match or contains options are case sensitive and don’t work.  The close enough option ignores case, but marks “sulfate” and “sulfite” correct and would mark “(ii)” and “(iii)” and “(i)” correct, not to mention any other single character variant.  I could not get the regular expression tool to grade using regex tested as working with the ruby test tool, so I was stuck listing all variants.  Listing all possible answer variants is primitive and not where a “modern” quiz tool should be at.

A lot of problems could be resolved with an “ignore case” button for all grading methods, and better guidance on how the regex implementation works.


Add a feature for quizzes to make the fill-in-the-blank answers case sensitive.

Surveyor II

Pintura, in most cases the answers are already case sensitive. Both contains and exact match are case sensitive.  You can also list multiple answers with varying case sensitivities.  This is the problem because what we lack are more case and space insensitive options and clarification on how the more advanced scripts work.  If every option could ignore case and space that would solve all my problems.

The other disturbing thing about the new fill-in-the-blank questions is that it offers a few new grading options, but lacks formatting functionality of the old fill-in-the-blank questions. I recently migrated some classic questions over and lost all of the original formatting, and gained nothing in return.  Quite a step backwards.  In order to have subscripts I needed to move text to the optional area, but now you cannot see what the question is without expanding it. 



I totally agree with the formatting issues. I would think that making a Rich Text Editor with a tool to add a "blank" would not be that difficult. In the old quiz generator, I used multiple fill-in-the-blanks for questions like "list three things that can..." where I wanted to put each blank box on a separate line but that is not possible with the new quiz generator.

Yes, the loss of formatting is a big step backward!

- Dr. B

PS - I created a dummy quiz with a single question that I use to test my regexs. That way I can cycle quickly through debugging the regex using the preview function and trying various answers.