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New Quizzes: Carry Forward Correct Answers on Quiz Multiple Attempts

New Quizzes: Carry Forward Correct Answers on Quiz Multiple Attempts

When a teacher assigns multiple attempts for an assignment it would be nice if the system would automatically perform one of the following during the student's next attempt:


1. Populate the correct answers from the previous attempt. 

2. Show only the incorrect problems from the previous attempt.

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Yep! Couldn't agree more. We have lost students because of this which equals $$$. We were told this feature won't be built until next year which is a tad frustrating. 

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So frustrating Jo for students, and equally frustrating for trainers needing to go through it with almost every student. Despite the help references we have built into this topic on our site, most need to be talked through it the first time. Terribly time consuming! It is completely illogical and a strain on resources.

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Actually the ideal solution is to have students be able to check each answer as they go, so they can fix their answers before submitting and adding those attempts to the gradebook.  (This is how Moodle let us do it.)  It also allowed the student to learn immediately from their mistakes, instead of waiting for the end.  (Of course, for tests, we turned this feature off.)  There is another request for that feature here:  New Quizzes: Immediate feedback in quizzes 

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See options in WileyPLUS for Algorithmic Questions:


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I give a syllabus quiz. Getting an answer wrong, such as, "when is the assignment due?" will prove detrimental to the student's subsequent grade. Therefore, I would like the students to be able to re-enter the quiz, after seeing feedback that indicates their current answer is wrong, so they may change it. They earn a few more points and I'm assured they have absorbed important information correctly. Currently, they have to take the entire quiz over and there is no need to re-enter correct answers. I'd like students to be able t re-enter the quiz and correct for their errors. 

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A pain point I've frequently run into is re-filling out all my answers on a second (final) attempt of a test. 

This isn't a huge deal to some, but I think the best course is to remove any possibility of user error: If a student answers correctly, they should be able to retain those selections from the previous attempt; and only have the option to make new selection(s) for the incorrect one(s).

I ask this because I answered 9/10 correctly on a test. There was one tricky question I was skeptical of. Sure enough, when I saw that's the one I got wrong, I got to work on re-filling everything out and knew the correct answer for that erroneous choice.
But one of the other questions had several-sentence multiple choice, two of those choices had very similar wording. Despite checking all of my answers, I still missed that other question with the similar wording. (I got my original wrong question correct the second time though.) So I still got 9/10. 

Just something nice to consider!

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I teach math and I often use quizzes for "homework" with unlimited tries. I would really love a quick retake option that allows kids to just redo the ones they missed versus having to retype all answers every time. 

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Yes, I had a student who wanted to fix one answer in their quiz (which is really just a homework) but they either had to resubmit the entire thing or I had to grade that attempt separately. 

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YES!!!! This would be such a great feature in Canvas. Students should not have to retake an entire exam when they really only need to focus on a few problems. As many schools have moved and will be moving to standards-based grading this feature would be extremely helpful both for teachers and students. I see this conversation has been going on for quite a while. Any idea when this might become a reality?

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This feature would make a lot of what we're doing with students significantly easier.

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Do we know what the status of this request is? I am extremely frustrated that this request was made four years ago and there still is no way to do this.

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Would love to see this feature added.

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In Mastery Learning students get multiple attempts to show what they know through reworking incorrect answers. Currently in Canvas, there is no way to do this except to give an entirely new retake including all of the questions a student already got correct. This seems like double jeopardy to students. Also, it would be great to be able to turn a multiple choice question into a short answer for the next retake and be able to assign the "regained" points right in the original quiz.

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I am voting for this feature improvement. A faculty member had a quiz and a student had technology interruption that prevented them from continuing the rest of the quiz. It would be nice for instructors to choose option, when giving student extra attempt, to allow student to continue un-answered parts of their exam.

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I am voting for this feature improvement too. Being able to reopen the exam and see prior answers and edit them could be useful under certain circumstances rather than having to take the whole exam again or having the faculty have to screen shot prior answers so the student can finish them (e.g., if they had started answering short answer questions).

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I am also voting for this feature. We've had students answer a majority of the short answer questions, have their screen freeze, and not have time to go back in and finish. It would be great to have the option to reopen the exam with the old answers. 



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I want the kids to be able to revise a quiz without starting completely over.  Perhaps the instructor could indicate which questions can be revised and which cannot.  Answers that were revised could be highlighted in some way so that we don't need to grade all of it again.  It would also be nice to see the original answer to assess growth (Pre- and Post-Test).  

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our business desperately need this feature added

it is creating both a functional issue and a compliance risk

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This would be a great feature to enable in New Quizzes

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This feature has just been requested by an academic where I work. Is it something that is progressing?