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New Quizzes: Color Status in Gradebook for for Unreviewed Quizzes

New Quizzes: Color Status in Gradebook for for Unreviewed Quizzes


I would like to see at a glance in gradebook which quizzes have been submitted but not reviewed.  For example, if I have a quiz with an essay or short answer question, I would like the color in gradebook for a submission which has had those answers reviewed/graded to be different from one which has not.

This is especially problematic when I have many late submissions for a quiz.  I have to go in multiple times and click through all submissions to find which still need reviewing--they all just appear blue in the gradebook so it would be nice if the unreviewed status color overrode the late status.

If not a status color, then a different icon or other indicator, such as the ungraded assignment icon.  To my knowledge, unreviewed quizzes appear in gradebook as their auto-scored number which is indistinguishable from quizzes needing review/grading.

It would also be helpful if synced quizzes with such questions could be set up to only sync after manual review--unless that is already the case and I'm unaware.

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for sharing this idea,  @melissa_maas ‌. As it moves forward for general discussion, you might be interested in supporting these related ideas: 

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In my experience quizzes with ungraded items appear to faculty with an icon indicating that grading is required, or the current score when you click on it.  Students see the score of the graded portion, which is a problem when a significant number of points come from the manually graded portion, because students become concerned that they failed the quiz.  Applying the same symbol for quizzes that need grading in the student grades view might help. 

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When using classic quizzes, there is an assignment (paper) icon when something needs to be looked at by the teacher to get the actual score. In new quizzes there is no designation between the ones that I have looked at and the ones that I didn't when there is a question or two that students had to upload work. Every time I have to go through all of the quizzes to see if there are more that need to be graded. There should be an icon instead of a grade if the teacher needs to score any of the questions on the new quizzes.

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Please, at the very least, following the convention used in Old Quizzes.

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This absolutely needs to be a feature -- in large classes, it is time prohibitive to have to click through each students quiz to ensure that it has been fully graded -- any quizzes with ungraded questions should be flagged so they can be located and dealt with efficiently before releasing scores.